UK plans to end of fossil fuel heating systems in new houses

The UK Government has announced plans to end fossil fuel heating systems in new houses from 2025.

New Mexico, U.S. to pledge 100% carbon-free energy by 2045

New Mexico is the most coal-heavy U.S. state and yet it is going to commit to its energy mix be renewable by 2030 and 80 percent of the energy mix be renewable by 2040.

18 Countries Show Decrease in CO2 from Fossil Fuels Over 10 Years

Eighteen countries, including the United States, Great Britain and several European Union members, have seen a decline in their carbon emissions from fossil fuels for at least a decade, a new analysis found.

Chicago Latest U.S. City to Announce 100 Percent Zero-Carbon Goal

Chicago’s mayor announced the “Windy City” will make the transition to 100% clean, renewable energy in buildings community-wide by 2035.

Germany should phase out coal use by 2038

Germany should stop using coal for electricity production by 2038, a government-appointed commission said Saturday, laying out an 80-billion euro roadmap to phase out the polluting fuel.

A zero-carbon economy is within reach

While a zero-carbon economy is undoubtedly technically feasible and easily affordable, it will not be achieved without strong public policies and forward-looking business strategies.

Bristol, England, aims for carbon neutrality by 2030

Bristol has certainly pioneered a name for itself as a center for all things green. Now Bristol's city council has declared a climate emergency and promised to target complete carbon neutrality for the city by 2030.

Five radical steps we can take to fight climate change

Make every building Passivhaus, need less, keep it simple, buy less, electrify everything. But ultimately we have to collectively change our thinking and lifestyle.

Denmark to ban fossil-fueled cars by 2030

Denmark will ban gas and diesel cars by 2030 - ten years earlier than the UK, and it will aim instead to get 1 million electric or hybrid cars on the roads by then.

Major Forum launched to encourage fossil fuel divestment

As major cities around the world make pledges to abandon fossil fuels, C40 Cities, have launched the C40 Divest/Invest Forum, a first-of-its-kind initiative to help urban leaders to accelerate green investment.

The ridesharing company vows to make itself 100% carbon neutral

Lyft has promised to achieve complete carbon neutrality, not just its rides, and will strive to use 100 percent renewable energy.

Spain hits 45% renewable power in first half of 2018

Spain’s transition to a low-carbon economy is making strong progress with almost half of all power now coming from renewable energy.

Hawaii pledges to become carbon neutral by 2045

Hawaii’s legislature passed two bills setting out the most ambitious climate goal of any US state. The bill will create a task force that sets out a plan to make the state carbon neutral “no later than 2045.”

New Zealand Launches Dramatic Ban on All Future Off-Shore Oil Exploration

“Unless we make decisions today that will essentially take effect in 30 or more years’ time, we run the risk of acting too late and causing abrupt shocks to communities and our country,” said NZ Prime Minister.

Germany's Living Lab Project Helps to Cut Back CO2

In Berlin, an effort to cut CO2 emissions is underway with a year-long living lab experiment. 100 households are aiming to cut their carbon footprints 40 percent over the course of this year.