Coca-Cola and Pepsi are sued over plastics pollution

The Earth Island Institute asked for unspecified damages and an order for Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Nestle USA, Procter & Gamble and six other companies to clean up plastic waste that the group says has created a global pollution crisis.

California coastal waters rising in acidity at alarming rate

Waters off the California coast are acidifying twice as fast as the global average, scientists found, threatening major fisheries and sounding the alarm that the ocean can absorb only so much more of the world’s carbon emissions.

Climate change is California's recipe for intense wildfire

The growing intensity of present day wildfires is a sobering reminder that greenhouse gas emissions and the global carbon footprint must be curbed, lest our planet be faced with irreversible climate consequences.

The world needs to become circular

  • 28 Feb 2019

New legislation was announced that would require all plastic materials sold in California, US to be reusable, fully recyclable, or compostable by 2030. However governments should think more aggressively about how to fight plastic

U.S. self-driving car reports

The reports offer the public its best glimpse into the slow and often-opaque process of testing autonomous vehicles on public roads in U.S. In total, 48 companies reported driving 2 million miles in autonomous mode.

Foie gras ban made official in California, U.S.

Foie gras, a traditional French delicacy, is controversial because of how it's made. Ducks and geese are force-fed grain through a tube that goes down the esophagus in order to fatten their livers.

Climate change helped make California wildfires more devastating

Climate change, Los Angeles fire chief Daryl Osby said, was undeniably a part of why the fires burning in northern and southern California, US, were more devastating and destructive than in years past.

Warmest ocean temperature in a century recorded in California,US

Daily data collection by the shore stations program at the Scripps Institute, part of University of California San Diego, have recorded the warmest sea temperatures in nearly a century.

All New Homes in California, US Must Incorporate Solar

Starting in 2020, all new homes in California will be required to incorporate advanced efficiency measures and rooftop solar — in an historic development for clean energy in the state.