New research suggests that our universe has no dark matter

The current theoretical model for the composition of the universe is that it’s made of ‘normal matter,’ ‘dark energy’ and ‘dark matter.’ A new study challenges this.

Mysterious Dark Matter Mapped Across Space

The curvature of space-time around a colossal mass has yielded the most detailed measurement of the cosmic distribution of dark matter yet.

Something Is Suppressing The Growth of The Universe

Something is causing nothingness to grow, squeezing its way into the gaps between galaxies to gently push the large scale structure of the Universe apart at an ever increasing rate. We call this something "dark energy".

Meet Giant Mothra: Extremely Rare 'Kaiju' Monster Star Discovered

A newly discovered star is so large, bright, and strange that its appearance could be pointing us towards a clump of dark matter in the sky.

The puzzle of the galaxy with no dark matter

International research has found the first evidence of a massive galaxy with no dark matter. The result is a challenge to the current standard model of cosmology.

JWST Might Have Spotted the First Dark Matter Stars

In a first, the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) may have glimpsed a rare type of star that astronomers aren’t even sure exists. These “dark stars” might not have been fueled not by nuclear fusion but by the self-annihilation of dark matter.

Europe's mission to discover dark energy and dark matter launches

ESA's Euclid space telescope was launched for a six-year mission to shed light on dark energy and matter and chart the largest-ever map of the universe.

New Dark Matter Theory Says a "Dark Big Bang" Created the Hidden Universe

There could have been two scenarios with the two Big Bangs. The Hot Big Bang, as in the standard picture, creates the hot plasma of visible matter and radiation and the dark matter, however, could have been created in a later, ‘darker’ Big Bang.

Scientists find evidence that black holes are the source of dark energy

Observations of supermassive black holes at the centres of galaxies point to a likely source of dark energy  - the "missing" 70% of the Universe.

Mysterious Dark Galaxy Emits No Visible Light

One newly discovered dwarf galaxy, FAST J0139+4328, located a mere 94 million light-years away is barely emitting any light at all. The galaxy seems to be made up almost entirely of dark matter.

New Map Shows All the Matter in the Universe

Researchers found that there’s about six times as much dark matter in the universe as there is regular matter, a finding consistent with previous measurements.

Dark matter missing from 6 galaxies

Astronomers completed a 40-hour long observation of an ultra-diffuse dwarf galaxy and discovered no traces of dark matter. Galaxies without hints of dark matter had been previously discovered though these remain rare anomalies.

Possibly The Largest Rotating Structures in The Universe

For the first time, astronomers have just found evidence that some of the largest structures in space  - cosmic filaments - rotate, on a scale of hundreds of millions of light-years. 

Map of 226 Million Galaxies Across 7 Billion Light Years

The survey, which included 400 individual scientists from 25 institutions in 7 countries, observed over 226 million galaxies. The goal of the survey was to the distribution of dark matter and the effect of dark energy.

Supermassive black holes could form from dark matter

The international team find that rather than the conventional formation scenarios involving 'normal' matter, supermassive black holes could instead form directly from dark matter in high density regions in the centres of galaxies.