The Entire Universe Could Be Twice as Old as We Thought

A retired cosmological theory should be given a second chance at explaining anomalies in our Universe, according to theoretical physicist Rajendra Gupta from the University of Ottawa in Canada.

The universe was five times slower soon after the Big Bang

Scientists have for the first time observed the early universe running in extreme slow motion, unlocking one of the mysteries of Einstein's expanding universe. 

Scientists discover that universe has a background 'hum'

Astronomers have made a discovery that confirms the existence of gravitational waves, which sound like the hum at a large gathering. These ripples in space-time were proposed by Albert Einstein over a century ago.

New Dark Matter Theory Says a "Dark Big Bang" Created the Hidden Universe

There could have been two scenarios with the two Big Bangs. The Hot Big Bang, as in the standard picture, creates the hot plasma of visible matter and radiation and the dark matter, however, could have been created in a later, ‘darker’ Big Bang.

Largest Magnetic Fields in The Universe

One of the most common sources of magnetic fields on large scales comes from the collisions between and within interstellar plasma. This is one of the major sources of magnetic fields for galactic-scale magnetic fields.

The Average Temperature of the Universe Is Getting Hotter

According to a new U.S. research  it appears that the Universe is actually getting hotter as time goes on. The mean temperature of cosmic gas has increased more than 10 times and reached about 2.2 million K.

The Most Comprehensive 3D Map of Galaxies

A team of U.S. astronomers have created the Pan-STARRS1 Source Types and Redshifts with Machine Learning (PS1-STRM), the world’s largest three-dimensional astronomical catalog.

Total amount of matter in Cosmos

U.S. scientists have precisely measured the total amount of matter making up the cosmos, concluding that dark energy accounts for 69 % of the total mass-energy budget with normal and dark matter being 31.5 %.

New research of oldest light confirms age of the universe

Recently scientists suggested that have suggested the universe may be hundreds of millions of years younger. However a new observations suggest the universe is still about 13.8 billion years old.

Biggest-Ever 3D Map of the Universe

Hundreds of scientists from about 30 institutions worldwide have published the largest-ever 3D map of the Universe, the result of an analysis of more than 4 million galaxies and ultra-bright, energy-packed quasars. 

How the universe got its structure

The universe is full of billions of galaxies. Why do we see so much structure in the universe today? A 10-year survey of tens of thousands of galaxies has provided a new approach to answering this fundamental mystery.

The Universe may not look the same in all directions

One of the core assumptions of astronomy is that the universe appears the same in all directions, or it is isotropic. However, a recent study suggests that may not be the case. 

New Study Suggests The Universe Is a Closed Sphere

Years of observational data, cosmological models and physics suggest the Universe is flat. However, a recent study suggests that the Universe is actually curved and closed, like an inflating sphere.

New hints to the mystery of universe's expansion

Astronomers have made a new measurement of how fast the universe is expanding, using an entirely different kind of star than previous endeavors. The revised measurement may lead to a new interpretation of the universe's fundamental properties.

Deepest Image of the Universe Ever Taken

It has taken researchers almost three years to produce this deepest image of the Universe ever taken from space, by recovering a large quantity of ‘lost’ light around the largest galaxies in the iconic Hubble Ultra-Deep Field.