"White Graphene" And Futuristic Devices

Hexagonal Boron Nitride ( hBN ) which is sometimes referred to as ‘white graphene’ and graphene itself are very compatible when layered together, providing advantages in bonding strength.

Optically Rewritable LCD Could Enable Flexible Displays

Engineers have manufactured a flexible, optically rewritable liquid crystal display that is about as thin as a piece of paper. The flexible display technology could be a breakthrough in printed media.

Light-emitting device opens the possibility for 'invisible' displays

Engineers have built a bright - light emitting device that is fully transparent when turned off. The light emitting material in this device is a monolayer semiconductor, which is just three atoms thick.

IMAX Opens its First European VR Experience Centre in UK

The company has also launched four pilot IMAX virtual reality (VR) experience centres in Los Angeles, New York City, Toronto and Shanghai.

Physicists have breakthrough on brittle smart phone screens

New 'potato stamp' technique combining silver and graphene may create cheaper, more flexible and eco-friendly screens.

How Humans Will Connect with the Internet of Things

Our relationship with computation will be much more intimate as we enter the age of wearables.

New 3-D display takes the eye fatigue out of virtual reality

A new type of 3-D display could solve the long-standing problem eye fatigue when using VR and AR equipment by greatly improving the viewing comfort of these wearable devices.

'View Mixed Reality' will turn any Windows PC into an augmented reality screen

View Mixed Reality will bolster Windows 10’s virtual reality chops by letting view augmented reality images through their device screen.

What could a future without physical screens look like

Last week Sony launched a projector which turns any surface into a touchscreen. We ask designers how screenless technology could be used in the future.

Stretchable screens will follow upcoming flexible ones

Is flexible good enough though? Don’t we really want morphing, stretchable smart tablets that expand from a strap-hanging, one handed commuter-use form-factor, to lean-back reading and media consumption copious sizes?

A displays manufacturer Creating Flexible LCD Panels for Use in Future Phones

Japan Display officials said some smartphone makers have agreed to adopt the bendable LCD in the next few years. The company also hopes to sell the displays for other uses such as laptop computers and car dashboards.

Sci-fi holograms a step closer

Physicists have invented a tiny device that creates the highest quality holographic images ever achieved, opening the door to imaging technologies seen in science fiction movies.

An Ultrafast Camera Captures 'Sonic Booms' of Light for First Time

The new technology used to make this discovery could one day allow scientists to image live activity in the brain.