Team discovers double helix structure in synthetic macromolecule

U.S. researchers have discovered that a high-strength polymer called "PBDT" has a rare double helix structure, opening possibilities for use in a variety of applications, for instance lightweight aerospace materials.

Astounding' New Cancer Treatment Could Destroy Incurable Tumours

Researchers believe they have beaten the “Death Star” of cancer with a new method of treatment involving nanotechnology.

Shape-Shifting Material Can Lift 1,000 Times Its Own Mass

Engineers from the University of Rochester have produced a new shape-changing polymer that rapidly responds to body heat. This remarkable new mighty morphing material, which can lift objects up to 1,000 times its own mass, is showcased in the Journal of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics.

Completely new kind of polymer could lead to artificial muscles, self-repairing materials

Imagine a polymer with removable parts that can deliver something to the environment and then be chemically regenerated to function again. Or a polymer that can contract and expand the way muscles do.

This foam 'pump' works like a human heart

A new stretchy foam mimics the pumping action of a human heart. The researchers who created say it could make other body parts. They