Step forward for massive DNA computer systems

Researchers at Shanghai Jiao Tong University has demonstrated a DNA computer that can solve quadratic equations with 30 logic gates.

U.S. scientists observe first evidence of quantum superchemistry

The scientists hope the breakthrough is the start of a new era. Though this experiment was performed with simple, two-atom molecules, they plan to work their way up to handling larger and more complex molecules.

Google quantum computer is 47 years faster than a supercomputer

A new quantum computer can execute calculations in mere moments that would take the most advanced supercomputers 47 years to process.

Scientists open door to manipulating 'quantum light'

International researchers have manipulated small numbers of bound photons, scattering off an artificial atom. This unprecedented achievement represents an important landmark in the development of quantum technologies.

Google Reaches Another Quantum Computing Milestone

Google researchers demonstrated they could reduce errors in calculations while increasing the number of physical quantum bits (qubits) in a 'logical qubit,' a building block of large-scale quantum computers.

Quantum breakthrough could revolutionise computing

A UK University team developed a system able to transport information from one chip to another with a reliability of 99.999993% at record speeds. 

Quantum scientists share Nobel Prize in Physics

The Nobel Prize for Physics 2022 has been awarded to three physicists working on quantum mechanics - Alain Aspect from France, John Clauser from the United States and Anton Zeilinger from Austria.

A New Quantum Computing Record

Another record has been broken on the way to fully operational and capable quantum computers: the complete control of a 6-qubit quantum processor in silicon. Researchers are calling it "a major stepping stone" for the technology.

Quantum Physicists Set New Record For Entangling Photons Together

A new method for entwining the fates of fragments of light has overcome some serious obstacles on the road to photon-based quantum computing.

The first-ever quantum circuit has been announced

Australian scientists have created the world's first-ever quantum computer circuit – one that contains all the essential components found on a classical computer chip but at the quantum scale.

Ancient Stone Could Hold The Key to Unlocking Quantum Computers

Scientists successfully produced the largest hybrid particles of light and matter ever created. These quasiparticles were made with the help of a piece of stone containing cuprous oxide crystals from an ancient deposit in Namibia.

A US Supercomputer Is Ranking Fastest in The World

The Frontier supercomputer has now become the world's first known supercomputer to demonstrate a processor speed of 1.1 exaFLOPS (1.1 quintillion floating point operations per second, or FLOPS).

Extremely Small Battery For The Smallest Computers

There was a time, not so long ago, when computers occupied entire rooms. Today, some processing units can come as small as a few specks of dust.

Quantum computing in silicon hits 99 % accuracy

Researchers have proven that near error-free quantum computing is possible, paving the way to build silicon-based quantum devices compatible with current semiconductor manufacturing technology.

Real-Time Error Correction for Quantum Computing

Random errors incurred during computation are one of the biggest obstacles in quantum computing. Researchers have now demonstrated a technique that allows errors to be detected and corrected in real time.