IBM claims advance in quantum computing

The new chip has 127 "qubits", twice as many as the previous IBM processor. The company called its new Eagle processor "a key milestone on the path towards practical quantum computation".

IBM Space Tech Wants to Democratize Space

IBM Space Tech is launching Endurance, CubeSat mission that children from all over the world will be able to use to gain access to space.

IBM Reveals “Staggering” New Battery Technology

IBM announced that it has a new battery technology that can charge quickly, has low flammability, and doesn't contain any heavy metals so it's more environment-friendly compared to lithium-ion batteries. 

IBM's quantum computer has reached its 'highest quantum volume to date'

IBM has announced that its System Q One quantum computer has doubled in performance in each of the past two years. IBM is one of the big-name companies working to create a truly useful quantum computer.

IBM says AI debate loss is still a win

IBM's artificial intelligence-powered Project Debater lost a competition to a human debate champion but said the experience was an important milestone in efforts to get computers to master human language.

IBM Just Unveiled The First Commercial Quantum Computer

IBM unveiled the IBM Q System One, billed as the first-ever quantum computer designed for businesses to put to their own use – though the company is clear that this is only the first step towards a broader revolution.

Scientists Create Quantum Life on Five-Qubit IBM Computer

Spanish researchers claim they have successfully mimicked Darwinian evolution using a quantum computer.

SpaceX sending AI robot to join astronauts on Space Station

Today SpaceX will launch its 15th cargo mission to the International Space Station for NASA. On board Falcon 9 among other supplies is the first ever AI robot “crew member” to live on the station.

Project Debater can argue with humans

IBM Project Debater is the latest artificial intelligence that pulls in data from hundreds of millions of sources to win a debating argument.

IBM Unveils "World's Smallest Computer"

In the next five years, tiny computers - smaller than a grain of salt - will be tackling issues of counterfeit and food safety among others, tech giant IBM has predicted.

IBM Raises the Bar with a 50-Qubit Quantum Computer

Researchers have built the most sophisticated quantum computer yet, signaling progress toward a powerful new way of processing information.

IBM's computing power will tackle the world's biggest problems

IBM’s Science for Social Good program will use AI, cloud and deep science to solve global challenges.

IBM unveils world’s first 5nm chip

IBM has unveiled the world's first 5nm silicon chip. The 5nm IBM chip is notable for being one of the first to use horizontal gate-all-around (GAA) transistors, and the first real use of extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography.

IBM unveils its most powerful quantum processor yet

IBM just announced the two most powerful quantum processors it has ever built, but it still needs help figuring out what to do with them.

IBM creates world's first artificial phase-change neurons

IBM Research in Zurich has created the world's first artificial nanoscale stochastic phase-change neurons. IBM has already created a population of 500 of these artificial neurons and used them to process a signal in a brain-like way.