US airline to go carbon neutral on all domestic flights in 2020

JetBlue has announced that it will offset carbon dioxide emissions from jet fuel for all domestic flights beginning in July 2020, making it the first major US airline to take the step toward reducing its contribution to global warming.

British Airways to offset emissions on flights within the UK from 2020

From 2020, British Airways will become the first UK airline to offset carbon emissions on all domestic flights. Customers on domestic flights will have their carbon emissions offset by the airline and invested in carbon reduction projects around the world.

Jet fuels made from plants could be competitive with fossil fuels

It's challenging to electrify aviation using batteries or fuel cells in part because of the weight restrictions on aircraft, so liquid biofuels have the potential to play a big role in greenhouse gas emissions reductions.

Etihad flies world's first flight using UAE-made 'green fuel'

Etihad Airways has become the world's first airline to fly a commercial flight using locally produced sustainable fuel derived from plants grown in saltwater.

A company to test electric passenger plane within a year

It'll only have nine seats. But the low cost carrier expects larger electric planes in service by 2027.

Electric Plane Startup, JetBlue, Gets Its First 100 Orders

This electric plane startup has just received its first order from a California-based jet charter company – and critics believe that it may usher in a whole new era of sustainable air travel in the United States.

US Airline Offsets Over 2 Billion Pounds of CO2 Emissions

JetBlue airlines has just announced the success of their 10-year mission to reduce their carbon footprint and promote sustainability by fighting the effects of climate change.

Norway plans to buy electric planes, mimicking green car success

Norway said on Thursday it wants to buy electric passenger planes in the coming years to help slow climate change, building on its success with big tax breaks that have made it the world leader in electric car sales.

Mustard seeds help to power breakthrough flight

On Monday, a Qantas flight took off from Los Angeles, US to Melbourne, Australia burning 90-percent regular jet fuel and 10-percent mustard seed oil biofuel.

Norway shoots for 100% electric short-haul flights by 2040

Electric vehicles accounted for 50 percent of new car sales in Norway in December and now the country hopes “to be the first in the world” to switch over to electric air transportation.

Lowering carbon footprint in the aviation industry

Creating lighter yet powerful engines is just one way the aviation industry is trying to reduce its environmental impact.

Companies join efforts to build hybrid plane

The companies said they were looking ahead to the European Union's long-term goals of reducing CO2 emissions from aviation by 60 percent.

Airline to operate first US-Australia biofuel flight next year

Qantas recently announced it will operate the world’s first bio-fuel flight between the United States and Australia. The Los Angeles to Melbourne flight will take place early next year.

Masdar Institute's Harvests its First Crop For Aircraft Biofuel

The oil-rich Salicornia being grown as part of the pilot project is being used to produce aviation biofuel. It is an important milestone in the life of the project — which aims to begin producing “sustainable” jet fuel for the local aviation industry.

Breakthrough in direct activation of CO2 and CH4 into liquid fuels and chemicals

Researchers have made a significant breakthrough in the direct conversion of carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4) into liquid fuels and chemicals which could help industry to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.