Jet fuels made from plants could be competitive with fossil fuels

It's challenging to electrify aviation using batteries or fuel cells in part because of the weight restrictions on aircraft, so liquid biofuels have the potential to play a big role in greenhouse gas emissions reductions.

Norway to implement biofuel mandate for aviation fuel in 2020

Norway is taking action to require the use of renewable aviation fuel. It will require aviation fuel to contain at least 0.5 percent advanced biofuel starting in 2020.

Richard Branson welcomes landmark Virgin Atlantic biofuel flight

Sir Richard Branson has welcomed the first commercial flight powered partly by a new form of biofuel converted from alcohol.

Biofuel the forgotten renewable energy

Australia's biofuel industry has the potential to add more than 8000 jobs and $1 billion a year in revenue to the economy despite being neglected for more than a decade.

Mustard seeds help to power breakthrough flight

On Monday, a Qantas flight took off from Los Angeles, US to Melbourne, Australia burning 90-percent regular jet fuel and 10-percent mustard seed oil biofuel.

Airline to operate first US-Australia biofuel flight next year

Qantas recently announced it will operate the world’s first bio-fuel flight between the United States and Australia. The Los Angeles to Melbourne flight will take place early next year.

Masdar Institute's Harvests its First Crop For Aircraft Biofuel

The oil-rich Salicornia being grown as part of the pilot project is being used to produce aviation biofuel. It is an important milestone in the life of the project — which aims to begin producing “sustainable” jet fuel for the local aviation industry.

Biofuel from a new promising feedstock

A recent analysis from US researchers estimate that an aircraft could fly for 10 hours on bio-jet fuel produced on 54 acres of specially engineered sugarcane.

Canadian airlines go for biofuels take off

The country’s top airlines say Canada has the potential to become a biofuel superpower by transforming forest residue and agricultural crops into energy.

Sustainable ethanol from carbon dioxide

A recent discovery could lead to a new, more sustainable way to make ethanol without corn or other crops.

Morning Cup of Coffee Can Now Easily Create Biofuel

Future Americano, cappuccino, and latte drinkers could help produce the raw material for a greener biofuel that would reduce our reliance on diesel from fossil fuels.

Global advanced biofuel market to grow 44% by 2021

The global advanced biofuel market is likely to grow close to 44 percent by 2021, according to a latest report.

European Parliament Votes to Phase Out Palm Oil-Based Biofuels by 2020

To counter the impact of unsustainable palm oil production, such as deforestation and habitat degradation, the European Parliament has approved a resolution to phase out the use of vegetable oils that drive deforestation by 2020.

Air New Zealand, Virgin Australia progress biofuel bid

Air New Zealand and Virgin Australia say they have compiled a short-list of potential companies for the supply of commercially viable, locally produced aviation biofuel.

New biofuel from wastewater slashes vehicle CO2 emissions by 80%

A car company and water management company have transformed wastewater into the alternative fuel. Powered with this biofuel, a vehicle could circumnavigate the globe 100 times.