Scientists make fundamental discovery to creating better crops

Scientists have discovered the specific gene that controls an important symbiotic relationship between plants and soil fungi. The discovery could lead to the development of bioenergy and food crops that can withstand harsh growing conditions.

Global organic area reaches another high

According to the latest survey, the organic farmland increased substantially, and the number of organic producers and organic retail sales also continued to grow, as shown by the data from 181 countries.

Scientists fight photosynthetic glitch in plants

Most crops on the planet are plagued by a photosynthetic glitch. U.S. researchers have engineered crops with a photorespiratory shortcut that are 40 percent more productive in real-world agronomic conditions.

World's first kill-free chicken eggs are now available

Scientists in Germany have figured out a way to identify male eggs prior to hatching, which eliminates need for live culling.

World’s first fully-autonomous farm

US robotics company Iron Ox claims to be ‘reinventing farming from the ground up’, as it unveils an autonomous indoor farm.

World's first floating dairy farm comes to Rotterdam

The city of Rotterdam, in the Netherlands, is about to become home to the world's first floating dairy farm. An offshore facility is under construction and will house 40 cows producing 1,000 litres of milk per day.

Excess milk gets a second life feeding the hungry

Instead of dumping over 43 gallons of milk every year, Pennsylvania farmers in USA are teaming up with food banks to feed the hungry and turn a profit.

First commercial vertical farm launches in Dubai

The Gulf Cooperation Council just launched its first vertical farm in the glitzy emirate, and it uses 90 percent less water than traditional farming – a real boon for the water-scarce region.

France Is Leading the World in Ending Food Waste

Because of its strict zero food waste policies, sustainable agricultural practices, and the healthy eating habits of its people, France has retained the top spot in the Food Sustainability Index.

Organic food provides significant environmental benefits to plant-rich diets

A study of the diets of 34,000 people confirms that a diet high in fruit and vegetables is better for the planet than one high in animal products.

How farming with rocks could improve global food security

UK Scientists have learned that farming with crushed silicate rocks mixed into the soil could improve global food security, increase crop yield and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

How to reduce heat extremes by 2-3 degrees Celsius

How changing crops, moving to no till agriculture and lightening infrastructure can reduce extreme temperatures.

Seeds hold hidden treasures for future food

More than 70,000 of the world's most precious seeds have been sent from the UK's Millennium Seed Bank to the Middle East. The seeds will be used for food security research at a seed bank in Lebanon.

One step beyond organic or free-range: carbon-neutral eggs

Dutch farmer’s chickens lay carbon-neutral eggs - poultry owner claims his new approach has the highest welfare standards and lowest cost to environment.

This high-tech solar funnel allows plants to grow deep underground

Invasive Regeneration uses a high-powered, solar-powered funnel installed at street level to shoot light onto a concrete block underground, allowing vegetation to grow in an otherwise inhospitable environment.