Denmark to construct artificial island as a wind energy hub

The construction project, believed to be the biggest in Danish history, will link hundreds of wind turbines to deliver enough electricity for millions of households. Authorities hope to have the hub operable by 2033.

Wind company bets hydrogen is key to climate goals

Orsted, a Danish company, anticipates that the scale and efficiency of wind farms at sea can play a crucial role to supply heavy industry with green hydrogen. Hydrogen is one of the few fuels that can burn hot enough to make steel and cement.

Wind meets Denmark's 100% power demand on Sep 15

The strong winds spurred production from wind turbines and helped supply 130% of the country's electricity demand from midnight to midnight last Sunday. The excess power was sold abroad.

These are the 20 happiest countries

The World Happiness Report 2019, which ranks 156 countries by how happy their citizens perceive themselves to be, has just been released at the United Nations. Finland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Netherlands are the top 5.

Denmark to ban fossil-fueled cars by 2030

Denmark will ban gas and diesel cars by 2030 - ten years earlier than the UK, and it will aim instead to get 1 million electric or hybrid cars on the roads by then.

First long-term study of tonsil and adenoid removal

Removing tonsils and adenoids in childhood increases the long-term risk of respiratory, allergic and infectious diseases, according to researchers who have examined - for the first time - the long-term effects of the operations.

Silver-Infused renewable fashion

Danish clothing company Organic Basics is creating sustainable fashion by infusing all of their clothing with silver so that consumers would never have to wash or wear out their clothing.

100% electric ferry could help decarbonize sea travel

The 100 percent electric, zero-emission E-ferry, called Ellen, could allow for green ferry travel starting in Denmark. E-ferry is funded by the European Union.

43.6% of Denmark's electricity came from wind last year

The next goal is for Denmark to reach 50% wind energy by 2020.

Denmark just opened the "world’s most humane" prison

The architects created a vibrant community where the inmates would be reminded of a life they once left behind, therefore encouraging an eagerness to leave the system and return to society.

The world's first "Biological House" opens in Denmark

Danish firm has unveiled the ultra-sustainable Biological House, which was built with green building materials created out of agricultural residues.

One step beyond organic or free-range: carbon-neutral eggs

Dutch farmer’s chickens lay carbon-neutral eggs - poultry owner claims his new approach has the highest welfare standards and lowest cost to environment.

Wind ‘breaks EU record’

WindEurope says 24.6% of Europe’s power met by sector on 28 October

Tesla Teams Up with One of the World's Largest Wind Power Companies

Tesla's Powerpack energy storage systems will now help power Vestas wind turbines. The Danish company is the largest wind turbine maker in the world.