Zero carbon electricity in the UK surpassing fossil fuels in 2019

2019 was the cleanest year on record for Britain as, for the first time, the amount of zero carbon power surpassed fossil fuel generation for a full twelve months.

UK renewables out-generate fossil fuels for an entire quarter

Renewables produced 29.5 TeraWatt-hours in July, August, and September, while fossil fuels only produced 29.1 TW-hr and that less than 1% of the UK's electricity came from coal during the quarter.

UK plans to end of fossil fuel heating systems in new houses

The UK Government has announced plans to end fossil fuel heating systems in new houses from 2025.

Finland to phase out coal one year early

Finnish Parliament approving a motion to move the ban on coal for electricity generation—except in cases of emergency—forward by one year to 2029.

Germany should phase out coal use by 2038

Germany should stop using coal for electricity production by 2038, a government-appointed commission said Saturday, laying out an 80-billion euro roadmap to phase out the polluting fuel.

Ireland pulls its fossil fuel investments

Ireland’s sovereign wealth fund had withdrawn its €68m investment in fossil fuel companies, making Ireland one of the world’s first countries to make such a move.

European Union agrees to end coal subsidies by 2025

European Union member states and the European Parliament agreed Wednesday to reform the bloc's electricity market, including a call to end coal subsidies by 2025.

UK renewables surpass fossil fuels for first time

In the past five years, the amount of renewable capacity has tripled while fossil fuels’ has fallen by one-third, as power stations reached the end of their life or became uneconomic.

Great Britain went a record 55 hours without using coal

Coal-fired power plants were absent from Britain’s energy mix for more than two days straight this week, in a latest sign that the days of using coal are well and truly numbered.

Finland Plans to Ban Coal by 2029, One Year Ahead of Schedule

The Scandinavian powerhouse aims to completely eliminate coal dependency by 2029, one year ahead of its previous goal of 2030, environment minister said Tuesday.

Ireland planning €22 billion injection into low-carbon economy

The Irish Government has announced plans to spend €22 billion over the next four years to aid the country’s journey to a low-carbon and climate resilient economy.

German cities get the green light to ban diesel vehicles

The Federal Administrative Court ruled this week that German cities can legally ban diesel vehicles.

Europe's largest oil company just bought an electric utility

Royal Dutch Shell decided to buy Europe's largest electric vehicle charging network. Could it be that oil is not the energy commodity of the future?

At UN Climate Talks, Nations Depart Dramatically on the Future of Coal

Led by Britain and Canada, nations form the Power Past Coal Alliance to phase out use of the dirtiest fossil fuel — but big emitters remain absent.