Germany to ban use of glyphosate from 2023

Germany will ban the use of the weedkiller glyphosate - the subject of billion-dollar U.S lawsuits over claims it causes cancer - from the end of 2023 and limit its use before then.

Facebook funds AI ethics center in Munich, Germany

The Institute for Ethics in Artificial Intelligence will explore fundamental issues affecting the use and impact of AI and will ensure that AI treats people fairly, protects their safety, respects their privacy and works for them.

Germany should phase out coal use by 2038

Germany should stop using coal for electricity production by 2038, a government-appointed commission said Saturday, laying out an 80-billion euro roadmap to phase out the polluting fuel.

World's first kill-free chicken eggs are now available

Scientists in Germany have figured out a way to identify male eggs prior to hatching, which eliminates need for live culling.

World′s first hydrogen train rolls out in Germany

Commuters in Germany now have a chance to ride the world's first hydrogen train as the country moves to replace old diesel-powered engines. Instead of exhaust fumes, hydrogen trains produce only water.

First images of the X-ray laser inspire researchers

  • 3 Sep 2018

Less than a year after the world's largest X-ray laser launched in Germany it's showing promise for medical research. Researchers have published the first results: three-dimensional images of protein molecules.

Student-built Hyperloop pod smashes speed record

A group of students from the Technical University of Munich taking part in the third SpaceX run Hyperloop Pod Competition have set a new speed record.

Germany powers through 2018 with 42% renewables record

Germany has set a new record for renewable power production during the first six months of 2018.

German Nuclear Fusion Experiment Sets Records

The Wendelstein 7-X stellarator is close to hitting sustainable nuclear fusion (generating more energy than is initially required to start the reaction).

From China to Brazil, these are the world titans of wind power

China, USA, Germany, India, Spain, UK, France, Brazil, Canada and Italy are the countries with the largest cumulative capacity according to the Global Wind Report for 2017.

Immediate ban of older diesel vehicles in Germany

The highest court in Germany has ruled that cities can ban older diesel vehicles immediately, paving the way for swift action against air pollution.

Germany just approved 1,610 megawatts of offshore wind power

Three offshore wind plants will be constructed in the North Sea and three in the Baltic Sea between 2021 and 2025.

Germany's Living Lab Project Helps to Cut Back CO2

In Berlin, an effort to cut CO2 emissions is underway with a year-long living lab experiment. 100 households are aiming to cut their carbon footprints 40 percent over the course of this year.

German cities get the green light to ban diesel vehicles

The Federal Administrative Court ruled this week that German cities can legally ban diesel vehicles.

German cities to offer free transit to cut air pollution

The German government is considering free public transit as a way of getting people out of their cars.