Optical Rocket Boosts Electrons to Nearly the Speed of Light

In a new experiment, a team of researchers used laser pulses to accelerate photons to near the speed of light, which could have immense applications for space flight and particle physics.

Long-lived storage of a photonic qubit for worldwide teleportation

Scientists achieve long storage times for photonic quantum bits which break the lower bound for direct teleportation in a global quantum network.

A single photon reveals quantum entanglement of 16 million atoms

Scientists from Switzerland recently reengineered their data processing, demonstrating that 16 million atoms were entangled in a one-centimeter crystal.

Exotic quantum states made from light

Physicists create optical 'wells' for a super-photon for the first time.

First Object Teleported from Earth to Orbit

Researchers in China have teleported a photon from the ground to a satellite orbiting more than 500 kilometers above.

Teleportation of light particles across cities in China and Canada a 'technological breakthrough'

Scientists have shown they can teleport photons across a city, a development that has been hailed as a technological breakthrough.

Newly discovered form of spiralized light breaks everything quantum physics says about photons

Scientists in Ireland discovered a new form of light that will radically change our understanding of how light functions.

Creating photons from a vacuum

Scientists at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden have succeeded in creating photons from a vacuum. The experiment is based on one of the most