Quantum Physicists Set New Record For Entangling Photons Together

A new method for entwining the fates of fragments of light has overcome some serious obstacles on the road to photon-based quantum computing.

First Working Prototype Of A 'Quantum Radar'

The device works along the same principles as a normal radar, except instead of sending out radio waves to scan an area, it uses pairs of entangled photons. 

New record with entangled quantum bits

An international team have succeeded in transforming 20 entangled quantum bits into a state of superposition. This is an important step in the development of quantum computers after the old record of 14 qubits remained unchanged since 2011. 

Quantum entanglement in massive atom clouds

Now three independent European research groups have managed to entangle not just a pair of particles, but separated clouds of thousands of atoms.

Quantum entanglement has now been made a reality in objects

The researchers managed to bring the motions of two individual vibrating drumheads -- fabricated from metallic aluminium on a silicon chip -- into an entangled quantum state.

Quantum Experiment Creates May Be The Most Entangled Controllable Device Yet

A new quantum device entangles 20 quantum bits together at the same time, making it perhaps one of the most entangled, controllable devices yet.

A single photon reveals quantum entanglement of 16 million atoms

Scientists from Switzerland recently reengineered their data processing, demonstrating that 16 million atoms were entangled in a one-centimeter crystal.

Physicists Take Big Step Towards Quantum Computing with new Experiment

An team of German researchers recently conducted an experiment that has once again proven that quantum entanglement is possible.

First Object Teleported from Earth to Orbit

Researchers in China have teleported a photon from the ground to a satellite orbiting more than 500 kilometers above.

Physicists just smashed a record to achieve quantum entanglement in space

In a new study, scientists have successfully transmitted entangled photons between a satellite and Earth at a distance of over 1,200 km.

Super quantum simulator 'entangles' hundreds of ions

The simulator is designed to model and mimic complex physics phenomena in a way that is impossible with conventional machines, even supercomputers.

New Quantum 'Cat State' Can Be in Two Places at Once

Chances are you're familiar with the Schroedinger's cat paradox, whereby a hypothetical cat inside a box is both dead and alive. Now physicists at Yale University have figured out how to make a quantum cat that both lives and dies in two boxes at once.

The Experiment That Will Allow Humans to "See" Quantum Entanglement

We've puzzled over the nature of entanglement for almost a century. Now physicists have devised a way for us to "see" it for the first time.

Time Entanglement Raises Quantum Mysteries

Bizarre quantum bonds connect distinct moments in time, suggesting that quantum links — not space-time — constitute the fundamental structure of the universe.