New York's first commercial self-driving vehicles

The first commercial self-driving vehicles in New York are coming to the Brooklyn Navy Yard this spring. The cars are provided by Optimus Ride, a Boston-based self-driving vehicle technology company.

Driverless electric bus in Singapore

Volvo and a Singapore university unveiled a driverless electric bus Tuesday that will soon undergo tests in the city-state, the latest move towards rolling out autonomous vehicles for public transport.

U.S. self-driving car reports

The reports offer the public its best glimpse into the slow and often-opaque process of testing autonomous vehicles on public roads in U.S. In total, 48 companies reported driving 2 million miles in autonomous mode.

Who decides the morals of a driverless car?

US researchers published a new survey this week detailing preferences for the ethical decisions that autonomous vehicles may need to make when faced with unavoidable accidents.

New driverless car technologies could lead to a world without traffic lights

Imagine a daily commute that's orderly instead of chaotic. Connected and automated vehicles could provide that relief by adjusting to driving conditions with little to no input from drivers.

In a self-driving race Alphabet’s Waymo still leads the pack

Waymo has been testing self-driving cars with 400 riders in Phoenix, USA for a year. The company is expected to launch a paid self-driving car service to the public in Phoenix before the end of the year.

Transforming the future of city logistics

Researchers at MIT have presented a concept for what could be the acme of eco-friendly futuristic logistics: autonomous, electric, 3D-printed boats that can even self-assemble into other floating structures.

Driverless cars now really without a driver in California, US tests

California has paved the way for testing driverless cars without a person behind a steering wheel. The tests are made possible as a result of new rules that state regulators have approved for autonomous driving.

Car manufacturer to debut its self-driving taxis in Japan

Nissan will begin testing its Easy Ride self-driving taxi service in Yokohama, Japan in early March in hopes of launching the full service by the start of the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

Preparing Self-Driving Cars for the Wild World of Developing Cities

Self-driving cars no longer confined to controlled test tracks or even to placid suburban streets - they’re preparing for the day they can purify our chaotic streets with their robotic perfection.

Google built a fake city to test its self-driving cars.

Inside the city, the self-driving vehicles can log thousands of miles in a controlled setting, where cars driven by people are staged to quickly cut off a self-driving car in order to test the robot’s rate of deceleration.

Google's Waymo patents 'soft' self-driving cars

Google's Waymo has patented a technology that will make its self-driving cars soft on the outside if it comes across a situation where there is a possibility of an accident with a human.

The race to the finish for self-driving cars

Companies around the globe are racing to be the first to officially step into the world of self-driving, fully-autonomous cars.

France aims to roll out world's first autonomous high-speed trains within 7 years

French rail company SNCF is working on drone trains, or driverless high-speed trains, which they hope to start testing in 2019.

Silicon Valley start-up unveils world’s first modular self-driving car

A silicon Valley start-up has unveiled the EDIT, the 1st modular, open source Self-Driving EV that the company has been working on over the past year.