Cities are transforming as electric bike sales skyrocket

Bicycles are the ideal mode of transportation as cities emerge from quarantine. Returning to a car-dominated city after the pandemic lockdown is ‘out of the question’.

UK's first converted 'Electric Avenue'

Over half a mile in length, the avenue ‘Electric Avenue, W9’ in Westminster has been turned into an electric vehicle charging haven with lampposts acting as charging points.

The future of transportation

What do we actually need? What is the least that will do the job? What is enough? A better world is possible" using the technology that we have had all our lives – the bike, the bus, the elevator.

Tesla finally releases its 'affordable' electric car

Now the more affordable Tesla version has arrived. Model 3 will start at $35,000 with 130 mph top speed and 220 miles of range.

Two mail giants commit to 100% electric vehicles

two of Europe's big mail operators—Swiss Post and Austrian Post—are now promising 100% electric vehicles by the end of the next decade as part of the growing EV100 campaign.

Driverless electric bus in Singapore

Volvo and a Singapore university unveiled a driverless electric bus Tuesday that will soon undergo tests in the city-state, the latest move towards rolling out autonomous vehicles for public transport.

Volkswagen plans to drop diesel and petrol cars

Volkswagen announced a plan to get out of the business of fossil fuel cars and to go 100% electric. They’ll launch their final generation of fossil fuel cars in 2026 and plan to stop selling them all together by 2040.

UK city goes all in on electric taxis

Coventry—the 9th largest city in the UK—is going all-in on electric taxi deployment, offering a range of incentives that includes £2,500 incentive packages to the first 60 drivers placing orders for plug-in cabs.

Company pledges 2.5 million EV charging spots by 2025

Chargepoint has pledged a truly massive expansion of its global network of electric vehicle charging stations—an impressive 2.5 million charging spots by 2025 as part of its pledge to the Global Climate Action Summit.

Europe officially has more than one million electric cars

Increased electric vehicle sales have helped Europe hit a high note of one-million-plus electric cars on the streets, and the numbers are only growing.

By 2030, 84% of new buses may be electric

A new Bloomberg report sees electric drivetrains claiming a whopping 84% of all new vehicle sales by 2030. And the reason is that electric buses will have lower cost of ownership than their fossil fuel-powered counterparts.

Electric scooters launch in Paris, to spread in Europe

The boulevards of Paris, already bustling with a dizzying range of transport devices, are set to feature a new shared electric scooter system that has swept the US and is now heading for Europe.

Electric Vehicle Sales Were Up Over 50 Percent in 2017

The International Energy Agency said as many as 220 million EVs could be on the road in 2030 — if governments adopt more ambitious environmental standards.

World's first electric road that charges moving vehicles debuts in Sweden

The first electric road capable of charging EVs as they drive across it is now open outside of Stockholm, Sweden. Once expanded, the electric roadways will make it convenient to charge electric vehicles.

This 3D Printed Electric Car Will Enter Production This Year

Two companies recently announced the release of a small electric car whose every visible component is 3D printed except the chassis, seats, and glass.