Climate change lawsuit in US to hold oil companies accountable

Baltimore city, US government officials want oil companies to pay for their direct contributions to climate change. In Baltimore, citizens have suffered the devastating effects associated with climate change.

Campaigners in South Africa halt Shell's oil exploration

Local campaigners have blocked Shell from exploring oil on South Africa’s eastern coastline. In a battle pitting the oil company against the community, the court ruled that Shell halt its seismic tests.

Oil giant accused of downplaying climate risks

French oil company TotalEnergies knew at least 50 years ago about a link between burning fossil fuels and global warming, researchers have said.

Oil industry is spending billions on increasing plastics production

Petrochemical manufacturers are building 11 new ethylene plants on the Gulf Coast, with capacity for polyethylene growing by 30 percent as developing nations' demand for petrochemical/chemical products continues to increase.

20 are firms behind a third of all carbon emissions

On top of the list are Chevron, Exxon, BP and Shell. These four global businesses are behind more than 10% of the world’s carbon emissions since 1965. Twelve of the 20 companies are state-owned and together they are responsible for 20% of total emissions.

US state to sue oil companies over climate change impacts

Rhode Island has become the first US state to sue a group of oil companies over their role in causing dangerous climate change.

Communities in US file climate lawsuits vs. two oil companies

Several Colorado communities have now joined the growing wave of municipalities taking legal action against fossil fuel companies and seeking compensation for the impacts of climate change.

List Of Those Suing Big Oil For Climate Change is increasing

Arnold Schwarzenegger announced his plans this week to sue Big Oil for its contributions to climate change. Schwarzenegger joins a growing list of cities and now private citizens who hope to bring Big Oil to court.

New York, US sues oil companies for the cost of adapting to climate change

Today, the city of New York in US joined a number of California cities in suing a group of major oil companies for the costs of climate change.

A Lawyer Who Tries to Make Big Oil Pay for Climate Change

Steve Berman, who won a $200 billion settlement from tobacco companies in the 90s has set his sights on fossil fuel companies.

Europe's largest oil company just bought an electric utility

Royal Dutch Shell decided to buy Europe's largest electric vehicle charging network. Could it be that oil is not the energy commodity of the future?

Billions in tax breaks keep many oil projects profitable

Without tax subsidies, 6 billion tonnes of CO2 could be avoided in USA over the next several decades.

Oil companies sued to pay for cost of rising sea levels, climate change

At least five cities in US are suing five major oil companies, claiming in public nuisance lawsuits that the firms should pay for the infrastructure costs associated with rising sea levels due to climate change.

Oil giant quits tar sands, embraces offshore wind instead

Norwegian oil and energy giant Statoil has spent the end of 2016 selling off its assets in Canadian tar sands, and securing rights to develop a gigantic offshore wind farm off the coast of New York State.

Patents Show That Oil Companies Could Have Lowered Emissions Far Earlier Than Originally Thought

Oil companies have known about the effects of carbon dioxide emissions from cars far longer than many originally thought, according to recently released documents.