Largest offshore wind farm kicks into operations in the UK

Hornsea One officially commenced operations this month. The project is the first in the world with a capacity of over 1GW, double the size of the current world’s largest.

Wind farms and reducing hurricane precipitation

The US researchers have discovered an unexpected benefit of large-scale offshore wind farms: they lessen the precipitation caused by these devastating storms.

Massive offshore wind farm opens off the English coast

The major clean energy project is located 17 miles off the Norfolk coast, with 91 huge turbines covering an area equivalent to over 10,000 football pitches.

US Set To See First Major Offshore Wind Farm On The East Coast

The US is set to break ground on its largest offshore wind operation yet in a move that some say will pave the way in bringing a long-neglected source of renewable energy to America's power grid.

Germany just approved 1,610 megawatts of offshore wind power

Three offshore wind plants will be constructed in the North Sea and three in the Baltic Sea between 2021 and 2025.

The Netherlands will build the world's first subsidy-free offshore wind farm

The two 350 MW wind farms are to be completed by 2022. Constructing wind farms without public subsidy means that the facilities can sell their electricity on the wholesale power market.

A massive new offshore wind farm will generate power for 1 million homes

Hornsea Project One is expected to be operational in 2020, and it will produce power for more than one million homes.

Scotland facing new wave of larger wind farms with taller turbines

Larger wind farms with taller turbines are to be built across rural Scotland, under government's plan to generate half of the country’s energy needs from renewable sources.

Britain installs world's largest wind turbines in new offshore wind farm

The massive turbines are 195-meters tall and this project is the first time they've been used commercially anywhere in the world.

LEGO Smashes 100% Renewable Energy Goal

The LEGO group announced it reached its goal of balancing 100 percent of its energy use with renewable sources.

World's biggest wind turbines now generating power off UK coast

Thirty-two of the world’s largest wind turbines are up and generating power in new offshore wind project off the UK coast.

The Netherlands opens massive offshore wind farm

The Gemini wind farm will generate a whopping 2.6 TWh of electricity every year.

Wind energy supplied all of Denmark's power needs one day last week

Denmark met all of its power needs thanks to wind energy last Wednesday, according to trade organization WindEurope.

New York Just Greenlighted The Country's Biggest Offshore Wind Farm Yet

The company behind the first offshore wind farm in North America won approval Wednesday from New York state to build the country’s biggest seaward turbines yet.