Japan's First Large-Scale Offshore Wind Farm

Japan marked progress toward its green energy transition with the start of a new offshore wind farm at Noshiro Port in Akita Prefecture.

World's first wind farm with 16 MW turbines

Construction of the world’s first offshore wind farm featuring 16 megawatt (MW) wind turbines has started in China.

Hornsea 2: First Power Achieved at World's Largest

The first power on Hornsea 2 offshore wind farm in the UK was achieved recently. When fully operational, Hornsea 2’s 165 8 MW Siemens Gamesa wind turbines will be capable of generating 1.32 GW of clean electricity.

Vertical turbines could be the future for wind farms

New research has found that the vertical turbine design is far more efficient than traditional turbines in large scale wind farms, and when set in pairs the vertical turbines increase each other's performance by up to 15%.

British wind farms had a record-breaking day

On the 18th of December, 2020 the wintry weather set a record in Britain as more than 40% of that day’s electricity was generated on wind farms. Less than one-fifth of the day’s electricity came from coal plants and gas.

Largest offshore wind farm kicks into operations in the UK

Hornsea One officially commenced operations this month. The project is the first in the world with a capacity of over 1GW, double the size of the current world’s largest.

Wind farms and reducing hurricane precipitation

The US researchers have discovered an unexpected benefit of large-scale offshore wind farms: they lessen the precipitation caused by these devastating storms.

Massive offshore wind farm opens off the English coast

The major clean energy project is located 17 miles off the Norfolk coast, with 91 huge turbines covering an area equivalent to over 10,000 football pitches.

The Netherlands will build the world's first subsidy-free offshore wind farm

The two 350 MW wind farms are to be completed by 2022. Constructing wind farms without public subsidy means that the facilities can sell their electricity on the wholesale power market.

A massive new offshore wind farm will generate power for 1 million homes

Hornsea Project One is expected to be operational in 2020, and it will produce power for more than one million homes.

The Dutch plan to build world's largest wind farm

A company who controls the grid system of the Netherlands, released plans to construct an artificial island to host the world's largest wind farm.

Scotland facing new wave of larger wind farms with taller turbines

Larger wind farms with taller turbines are to be built across rural Scotland, under government's plan to generate half of the country’s energy needs from renewable sources.

World’s first floating wind farm goes live in Scotland

The world’s first floating wind farm is now feeding into Scotland’s electricity grid.

Floating Wind Farms in the North Atlantic Could Power the World

Wind-power generation in the North Atlantic would provide three times as much power as land-based systems, but costs remain a significant challenge.

East Anglia THREE offshore wind farm gets green light from government

Known as the East Anglia THREE, the planning consent granted today allows for the instillation of 172 ‘next generation’ turbines, each of which stands 247 meters in height.