July 2021 hottest month ever recorded

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in the US stated that July 2021 was the hottest month ever recorded globally, in 142 years of recordkeeping. The previous record was set in July 2016.

A Total of 80 Firestorms Were Recorded This Summer

Extreme temperatures and serious wildfires getting to extreme proportions were recorded this summer in the northern hemisphere. Firestorms is a severe class of flames penetrating the upper limit of the troposphere.

Madagascar may experience the world's first climate change famine

Madagascar is experiencing levels of starvation at a scale described as “beyond belief”.  30,000 people are estimated to be experiencing the highest internationally recognized level of food insecurity, level 5, according to the UN.

A Hotter Future Is Certain, According to U.N. Climate Report

Nations have delayed curbing their fossil-fuel emissions for so long that they can no longer stop global warming from intensifying over the next 30 years.

Iran faces its driest summer in fifty years

Some parts of Iran had a 50 to 85 % reduction in precipitation this year. There are also temperature rises of 2-3 C. These factors have prompted tensions between the Iranian government and its citizens.

Antarctica hits record temperature of 18.3 C

With this, Antarctica has now become one of the fastest-warming regions in the world - registering a rise of almost three degrees Celsius in the last 50 years.

Temperatures soar as heatwave hits western US and Canada

The extended “heat dome” could be a taste of the future for the Pacific Northwest as climate change reshapes weather patterns worldwide.

Climate disasters displaced more people than conflicts in 2020

More people were displaced by weather disasters in 2020 than by violent conflicts. Further, the publication indicates the number of internally displaced people in the world reached the highest level in history. 

Summers could last for 6 months

A new study revealed that summer could stick around for six months in the Northern hemisphere by 2100 if efforts to mitigate global warming don’t continue.

2020 may clinch hottest year

The planet just recorded its hottest September since at least 1880. The data, most of which was released Wednesday, shows that 2020 is on track to be one of the hottest years on record.

Coldest Northern Hemisphere Temperature Record

Nearly after 30 years, the World Meteorological Organization confirms that the Northern Hemisphere in Greenland has a minus minus 69.6 C. This new data provides a benchmark for understanding climate change.

Death Valley Hits Record 54,4 C

Temperatures at Furnace Creek in Death Valley in the southern California desert, USA reached a sizzling 54.4 C on Sunday, Aug. 16. This might be the highest temperature ever "reliably" recorded.

Siberia hits record 38 degrees C

On June 20, the town of Verkhoyansk reported a temperature of 38 degrees Celsius, or 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the record for highest Arctic temperature.

Long-term data show hurricanes are getting stronger

In almost every region of the world where hurricanes form, their maximum sustained winds are getting stronger. That is according to a new study involving an analysis of nearly 40 years of hurricane satellite imagery.

Rising Sea Levels Are Displacing Villagers in Myanmar

Millions of people in Myanmar are threatened by flooding and rapid soil erosion caused by rising sea levels. One village of 1,500 residents had to relocate entirely, moving further inland to escape the rising water, and abandoning farmland in the process.