World Continues to Swelter as April 2024 Blazes Past Heat Records

April marked another "remarkable" month of record-breaking global air and sea surface temperature averages, according to a new report by the EU's climate monitor published on Wednesday.

March is tenth straight month to be hottest on record

Europe's climate monitor said Tuesday that March was the hottest on record and the tenth straight month of historic heat, with sea surface temperatures also hitting a "shocking" new high.

It could well be a blockbuster hurricane season, and that's not a good thing

The Atlantic hurricane season does not begin for another eight weeks, but we are deep in the heart of hurricane season prediction season.

US scientists say one-in-three chance 2024 another year of record heat

This year has a one-in-three chance of being even hotter than 2023, which was already the world's hottest on record.

February breaks temperature records for the 9th month in a row

Globally, December, January and February came in at 0.78C above average. But the last three months are part of a much bigger climate change picture.

Stronger hurricanes require new Category 6

Currently, the scale ranks hurricanes from 1 to 5. Now some researchers are now calling for a category 6 to be added because of the changing Earth.

Trigger For Ancient Maya's Collapse Reads Like a Warning To Us

Researchers peering back through 800 years of history have concluded that Mayan civilizetion may well have been undone by drought.

Five Times as Many Human Deaths From Extreme Heat Expected by 2050

Nearly five times more people will likely die due to extreme heat in the coming decades, an international team of experts said Wednesday, warning that without action on climate change the "health of humanity is at grave risk".

Extreme weather is outpacing even the worst-case scenarios

Within 12 hours Hurricane Otis which slammed into the coastal city of Acapulco, Mexico went from a regular tropical storm to a “category 5” hurricane, the most powerful category and one which might occur only a few times worldwide each year.

Indonesia fights wildfires across the country

More than 300 forest and peatland fires are blazing across Indonesia, prompting government officials to ask people to work from home. A prolonged dry season has caused higher risks of wildfires.

The limit a body can take

Experts have found that the human body has an "upper critical temperature" of between 40C and 50C, a limit which, if surpassed, can cause it to start malfunctioning.

World records hottest day for third time in a week

The temperatures are being driven by human-induced climate change and the naturally-occurring weather pattern known as El Niño, scientists say. Last month was the hottest June on record, the EU's climate monitoring service Copernicus said on Thursday.

Countries where record heatwaves are likely to cause most harm

The UK research shows that unprecedented heat extremes combined with socioeconomic vulnerability puts certain regions, such as Afghanistan, Papua New Guinea, and Central America,most in peril.

Earth's vital signs signal a "code red" climate emergency

According to the new paper, 16 of 35 planetary vital signs have now reached record extremes. That includes rises in the frequency of dangerous heat events, global tree cover loss from fires and the prevalence of the mosquito-borne dengue virus.

Pakistan Flood Crisis Caused by Climate Change

Relentless rains in Pakistan over two months have caused the country's worst flooding in more than a decade. Floodwaters have washed away roads, buildings, and crops. A third of the country is now underwater.