Giant cracks are appearing across southwestern US

Many southwestern parts of the United States have been spotted with giant cracks or fissures in the ground. As per reports, these fissures have occurred due to harnessing groundwater indiscriminately over the years.  

Climate disasters displaced more people than conflicts in 2020

More people were displaced by weather disasters in 2020 than by violent conflicts. Further, the publication indicates the number of internally displaced people in the world reached the highest level in history. 

Scientists Just Officially Declared a Global Climate Emergency

A massive alliance of more than 11,000 scientists have signed, sealed and delivered an important message to the world: if we don't make rapid, deep and lasting changes to our lives, they write, there will soon come "untold human suffering".

Cyclone Shows Climate Change’s Deadly Impact on Poor Nations

The tropical cyclone that tore through Mozambique and other Southern African nations spotlights how the combination of rapid urbanization and climate change is turning deadly in the world’s poorest nations.

Indonesia's angry 'Child of Krakatoa' rumbles on

The volcano that triggered a deadly tsunami in Indonesia late Saturday emerged from the sea around the legendary Krakatoa 90 years ago and has been on a high-level eruption watchlist for the past decade.

Climate change helped make California wildfires more devastating

Climate change, Los Angeles fire chief Daryl Osby said, was undeniably a part of why the fires burning in northern and southern California, US, were more devastating and destructive than in years past.

Climate-induced sea-level rise to worsen tsunami impacts

In the wake of the latest tsunami to hit the Indonesian coast, research shows how even slight sea-level rises linked to climate change could significantly increase the devastating effects of tidal waves.

NASA Image Shows How Much of Earth Is on Fire

The red points in the picture above are areas around the world with fires actively burning, accurate as of Thursday. It doesn't look great.

‘Ring of Fire’ hit with 70 earthquakes in just 48 hours

Fears are mounting that the catastrophic “Big One” earthquake could rip through California, after 70 quakes rocked the deadly Ring of Fire in just 48 hours.

Nearly two million acres on fire in the United States

The West Coast of the United States is shrouded in smoke from the 110 large fires (this does not include smaller fires within each complex of fires) that have erupted across the region during this fire season.

Richard Branson and Caribbean States to Fight Climate Disasters

British billionaire Richard Branson and two dozen Caribbean nations and territories on Thursday launched a multi-million-dollar initiative to turn the hurricane-prone region into a green tech hub resilient to disasters.

Villagers 'Living Between Life and Death' as Pakistan's Glaciers Melt

Pakistan has more glaciers than any other country outside the polar region — more than 7,200. Data gathered over the last 50 years shows that all but about 120 of the glaciers are melting, due to rising temperatures.

Climate Change Causes Extreme Weather

The wildfire raging through California has led to seven deaths already. A wildfire in Greece killed at least 91 people. In Sweden, fires have been so out of control that the government temporarily banned man-made fires.

Climate change could trigger volcanic eruptions across the world

Besides having a disastrous impact on sea levels and weather, a warming climate could also trigger catastrophic volcanic eruptions across the planet.

Fuego volcano erupts in Guatemala

Reports have emerged of multiple fatalities in the wake of an eruption of the Fuego volcano in Guatemala. Plumes of black smoke have forced evacuations and the closure of the country’s international airport.