Dramatic Shift in Africa 5,000 Years Ago Could Be a Warning of The Future

Around five and half millenia ago, northern Africa went through a dramatic transformation. The Sahara desert expanded and grasslands, forests and lakes favoured by humans disappeared. Humans were forced to retreat.

Scientists Warn The Price of Food Is Expected to Increase Every Year

Climate change, and specifically rising temperatures, may cause food prices to increase by 3.2% per year, according to a new study by researchers in Germany.

There's a Weird Deformation in Earth's Crust, And We May Finally Know Why

Earth's largest continental rift, the East African Rift (EAR) system, has been something of a mystery for geologists – but a new study combining computer models with GPS satellite data appears to have found an explanation.

Tonga volcanic eruption largest explosion in modern history

An underwater volcanic eruption near the Pacific island of Tonga is the largest ever recorded by modern instruments, surpassing mid-century atomic bomb tests.

Africa's Great Green Wall

Started in 2007, the 8000 kilometre-long Great Green Wall is an African-led initiative, spanning 11 countries, to combat land degradation, desertification and drought. 

Air pollution killed nearly half a million newborns in 2019

Hundreds of thousands of newborns, mostly in India and sub-Saharan Africa, died from air pollution in 2019, a study has found. Noxious fumes from cooking fuels are blamed for causing the majority of the babies' deaths.

Climate change: 'dirty' used cars sold to Africa

Between 2015 and 2018, some 14 million older, poor quality vehicles were exported from Europe, Japan and the US. Four out of five were sold to poorer countries, with more than half going to Africa.

Uganda is Getting 3 Million New Trees

The plan is to plant more than 3 million trees, supporting long-term and large-scale restoration of the Albertine Rift Forests. The area is an important habitat for endangered African species.

Classrooms made from recycled plastic waste

Plastic bricks made via a recycling process developed by a Colombian social enterprise are being used to help tackle a huge shortfall of classrooms in the West African nation of Ivory Coast.

Extreme heat to hit one third of the African urban population

Researchers have assessed a range of possible scenarios regarding the rate of climate change in 173 African cities for the years 2030, 2060 and 2090. Their results show that a third of African city-dwellers could be affected by deadly heat waves in 2090.

Cyclone Shows Climate Change’s Deadly Impact on Poor Nations

The tropical cyclone that tore through Mozambique and other Southern African nations spotlights how the combination of rapid urbanization and climate change is turning deadly in the world’s poorest nations.

87 Elephants found dead in Botswana

The carcasses of 87 elephants have been discovered near a Botswana protected sanctuary, killed and stripped for their tusks.

New study finds fake medicines prevalent in the developing world

A new US study found that In low- and middle-income countries, 19 percent of antimalarials and 12 percent of antibiotics are substandard or falsified.

Africa Is Leading the Way in the Fight Against Plastic

In recent years, more than 60 countries have enacted policies to limit plastic use and more people embark on zero plastic challenges. Emerging epicenters of this movement are in capital cities across Africa.

“Tree of life” facing an outbreak of deaths

The deaths of the majority of the oldest and largest African baobabs over the past 12 years is an event of an unprecedented magnitude.