Scotland Bans Plastic Cotton Swabs

Scotland has banned plastic-stemmed cotton swabs, in a move to help reduce plastic pollution in the country. Bits of plastic Q-tips get washed up onto beaches and are harmful to marine life and local animals.

India set to outlaw six single-use plastic products from October

India is set to impose a nationwide ban on plastic bags, cups and straws on Oct. 2, officials said, in its most sweeping measure yet to stamp out single-use plastics from cities and villages that rank among the world’s most polluted.

Vanuatu bans disposable diapers in fight against plastic

The ban is part of a nationwide effort to curb plastic pollution, which has overwhelmed the tiny country in recent years. Vanuatu's is believed to be the first such ban on disposable diapers anywhere in the world.

New York, U.S. bans plastic bags on Earth Day

Come March of next year, all New Yorkers will be required to bring their own reusable containers to the grocery store after a bill banning single-use plastic bags was signed into law on Monday.

Plastic bag ban to be enforced in New York state, U.S.

Commencing on 1 March 2020, cities will have the choice to opt in to a five cents fee for a paper bag, two cents of which will go into local schemes that buy reusable bags for low-income consumers.

EU Parliament backs ban on single-use plastic products

The ban would be implemented from 2021 and would affect a range of plastic products that have reasonable alternatives, such as plastic cutlery, foam takeout food containers, straws and drink stirrers.

India Bans All Single-Use Plastics From Airports

India introduces a ban on all single-use plastics at 129 airports across the country. This is the first step to reaching the higher goal- make all airports plastic-free.

New York, U.S. Banned Plastic Foam Containers

As of January 1, 2019 stores, restaurants, and mobile food commissaries are banned from using foam products such as takeout clamshells, cups, and plates.

World's first plastic-free flight took off this week

The world's first plastic-free flight took off from Portugal and flew to Brazil on December 26th. The plane carries no single-use plastics – but aren't we ignoring a much bigger environmental issue?

European Parliament votes to ban single-use plastics

The European Parliament has voted overwhelmingly for an European Union-wide ban on single-use plastics, such as straws, plastic cutlery and cotton buds. The ban would come into effect from 2021.

Jamaica to ban plastic bags, straws and foam containers too

The island nation is the latest in a long line of places making a move against single-use plastic.

Thailand to permanently ban plastic, e-scrap imports

Thailand will ban more than 400 types of electronic scrap (e-scrap) imports within the next six months. The government also will ban all types of plastic scrap imports over the course of the next two years.

New Zealand Just Announced an Ambitious Ban on Plastic Bags

NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said that the ban will go into effect in six months, and retailers found in violation of it will be fined up to $65,000.

Dominica to Implement The World's Most Comprehensive Plastic Bans

By January 2019, Dominica, home to 70,000 people, plans to fully ban all common plastic and styrofoam single-use food containers.

Chile Just Banned Plastic Bags

Chile has just become the first country in South America to ban the widespread use of plastic bags. Following the implementation of the ban, small shops have two years to adapt to the total ban on plastic bags.