Plastics Could Mark the Start of a Geological Era

the ocean sediment tells a clear story of the world’s growing reliance on plastic. Between 1945 and 2009, the rate of plastic deposition doubled every 15 years on average.

Vanuatu bans disposable diapers in fight against plastic

The ban is part of a nationwide effort to curb plastic pollution, which has overwhelmed the tiny country in recent years. Vanuatu's is believed to be the first such ban on disposable diapers anywhere in the world.

From remote Australian islands to the Mediterranean Sea: Plastic Islands

On the Cocos (Keeling) Islands, researchers have determined over 414-million pieces of plastic have washed up on shore. In the Mediterranean, off the coast of Corsica Island, the island of floating plastic and garbage is several dozen km long.

Ben Lecomte's Trans-Pacific Swim Breaks the 1,000-Mile Mark

Lecomte, who’s attempting to become the first man to swim across the Pacific in an effort to highlight ocean health and conservation, is now a distance of 1,000 nautical miles from his starting point.

A 10,000-km swim across the Pacific to spotlight pollution

In early June, Ben Lecomte will enter the waters to begin a 10,000-km swim across the Pacific Ocean that seeks to shine a light on ocean pollution and plastic contamination.

How We Can Keep Plastics Out of Our Ocean

National Geographic is launching of Plastic or Planet initiative. It will be a long-term, multi-year commitment.

Bali: Diver films 'horrifying plastic cloud'

The Indonesian island of Bali is popular with tourists and known for its beautiful beaches. British diver filmed himself swimming through rubbish in the sea.

Nearly 75 % Of Northwest Atlantic Fish Are Eating Plastics

Now, researchers have found 73 percent of Northwest Atlantic deep-sea fish are eating microplastic – the highest reported frequency of plastic-eating fish in the world.

Facts about the bottled water industry

The bottled water industry creates 2 million tons of plastic bottle waste every year.

The Massive Project to Clean Up the Ocean With a Two-Kilometer Screen

Founded in 2013 by Boyan Slat, an 18-year-old from the Netherlands, The Ocean Cleanup has been dubbed “the largest cleanup in history.”

Chile Bans Plastic Bags in 100+ Coastal Areas

Chilean President signed a bill Wednesday that prohibits the sale of single-use plastic bags in 102 coastal villages and towns in a bid to stop the build-up of ocean plastic.

World's first ocean pollution-eating Seabin launches in the UK

The device, which was developed by a pair of Australian surfers, works by sucking in various kinds of pollution (including oil) and spitting out clean water.

Volunteers Picked Up 6 Tons of Trash on International Ocean Cleanup Day

September 16th was International Ocean Cleanup Day, and 300 hundred Maui volunteers did their part by picking up a staggering six tons of garbage.

Meat industry is responsible for the ‘dead zone’ in Gulf of Mexico

A new report reveals that toxins poured into waterways by major meat suppliers are resulting in the largest-ever “dead zone” in the Gulf of Mexico.

Scientists predict a Gulf of Mexico ‘dead zone’ the size of a city this summer

Administration predicts that the annual dead zone will reach an area of nearly 8,200 square miles in July, more than 50 percent larger than its average size.