This Glassy Gel Is a Surprising New Class of Material That Heals Itself

In a serendipitous discovery, researchers have created a new class of materials called 'glassy gels' that are half liquid but hard to break.

3D-printed "metamaterial" is stronger than anything in nature

Australian scientists used an advanced 3D printing technique to create a super strong, super lightweight new "metamaterial".

A single atom layer of gold - researchers create goldene

For the first time, scientists have managed to create sheets of gold only a single atom layer thick. The material has been termed goldene. 

New Material Gets Tougher When You Hit It

Electronic wearables and sensors could one day be made from a material that toughens up as it gets hit or stretched, thanks to new research carried out by a team from the University of California, U.S

This Prickly New Material Literally Pops Viruses, With Up to 96% Success

A newly developed silicon material covered with tiny nanospikes is capable of taking out 96 percent of the virus particles unfortunate enough to touch its surface in tests.

Diamond Can Be Squeezed Into Something Even Harder

Simulations of an elusive carbon molecule that leaves diamonds in the dust for hardness may pave the way to creating it in a lab.

Chemists Have Just Tied the Tightest Knot Ever

Scientists have unintentionally created the tiniest and tightest knot to date, earning a prestigious spot in the Guinness Book of World Records. This extraordinary microscopic knot is made up of only fifty-four atoms.

US scientists prove that metal can heal itself

US scientists have observed metal cracking and fusing back together, in a discovery that could pave the way for self-healing machines, vehicles and bridges.

Self-healing metal is not just the stuff of science fiction

Scientists described how pieces of pure platinum and copper spontaneously healed cracks caused by metal fatigue during nanoscale experiments that had been designed to study how such cracks form and spread in metal placed under stress.

This Alloy Is The Toughest Known Material on Earth

An alloy of chromium, cobalt, and nickel has just given us the highest fracture toughness ever measured in a material on Earth.

A strange new type of behavior in a magnetic material

Physicists observed a strange new type of behaviour in a magnetic material when it's heated up. The magnetic spins 'freeze' into a static pattern when the temperature rises.

Carbon Nanostructure That's Stronger Than Diamond

Scientists have found a new way to structure carbon at the nanoscale, making a super-light material that's superior to diamond on the strength-to-density ratio.

Superconductivity Has Been Discovered in Meteorites

Scientists have found naturally occurring superconducting materials in extraterrestrial objects for the first time, discovering superconductive grains embedded inside two distinct meteorites that crash-landed on Earth.

Scientists Discover New Electronic State of Matter

A team of U.S. scientists has observed a new state of matter at the interface between two oxide materials. The discovery shows electrons can bind together in ways similar to how quarks combine to form neutrons and protons.

Researchers find evidence for metallic hydrogen

Researchers long ago theorized that if hydrogen gas were exposed to enough pressure, it would transition into a metal. Recent results indicate that hydrogen does become a solid at 425 gigapascals.