Engineers develop 'blackest black' material to date

Engineers have cooked up a material made of carbon nanotubes that is 10 times blacker than anything that has previously been reported.

First fabric to cool or insulate depending on conditions

Researchers have engineered a new fabric from synthetic yarn with a carbon nanotube coating that is activated by temperature and humidity, releasing heat in warm humid conditions and trapping heat when conditions are cool and dry.

Future Keyboards

South Korean researchers used carbon nanotubes and AI to create an ultra-thin portable keyboard that can be crumpled up like paper without breaking it.

Inside tiny tubes, water turns solid when it should be boiling

MIT researchers discover astonishing behavior of water confined in carbon nanotubes.

Nanobionic spinach plants can detect explosives

After sensing dangerous chemicals, the carbon-nanotube-enhanced plants send an alert.

For First Time Ever, Carbon Nanotube Transistors Have Outperformed Silicon

Carbon nanotubes are one of the most conductive materials ever discovered. Now, for the first time ever, scientists made a transistor using carbon nanotubes that beats silicon.

Carbon Nanotubes Can Act As "Bridges" Between Living Neurons

A new groundbreaking study in the journal Science Advances reveals that small “bridges” of multiple carbon nanotubes formed together to make a "sponge" support the growth of nerve fibers and can even connect individual nerve networks that have previously been severed.

Scientists have finally made a substance that's even stronger than graphene

Carbyne, the strongest material on Earth, has now been successfully synthesized for the first time.