Korean fusion reactor ran seven times hotter than the sun for 20 seconds

The Korea Superconducting Tokamak Advanced Research (KSTAR) reactor managed to maintain an ion temperature of more than 100m degrees Celsius/

South Korea Launches its First Rocket

So far, only six countries have successfully launched more than 1 ton of equipment into space using domestically developed rockets.  Now, a seventh, North Korea, has successfully done so, almost successfully. 

Korean artificial sun sets the new world record

The KSTAR, a superconducting fusion device also known as the Korean artificial sun, set the new world record as it succeeded in maintaining the high temperature plasma for 20 seconds with an ion t over 100 mil degrees.

A Mountain of Plastic Has Been Burning for 3 Months in South Korea

The blaze endangers the health of local citizens, contaminates the environment, and highlights the country’s growing waste management crisis. South Korea has the highest per capita plastic consumption rate in the world.

South Korea's Largest Dog Slaughterhouse Has Shut Down

Korea's largest dog slaughterhouse in the province of Taepyeong-dong has been shut down by authorities. Made up of six separate complexes, the city council will demolish five and turn the space into a public park.

Future Keyboards

South Korean researchers used carbon nanotubes and AI to create an ultra-thin portable keyboard that can be crumpled up like paper without breaking it.

Cities With The Biggest Carbon Footprints

According to the latest study by the Norwegian researchers - Seoul (South Korea), Guangzhou (China) and New York City leads the world in its global carbon footprint.

3D printed food for personalized nutrition

A team of researchers in South Korea have developed a 3D printing platform for creating customized food items. The technology can be precisely control the structure of food at a microscopic level.

South Korea Aim: 5 Times More Solar Energy By 2030

The government of South Korea has unveiled new plans for the country to boost its solar energy generation 5 times over by 2030

Shimmering LED-studded tower showcases sustainability in Seoul

A tower features many energy-saving technologies, including an attractive S-shaped recess in the facade that creates a low pressure zone for facilitating natural ventilation on every floor.

South Korea is building a $10 billion integrated agriculture city in Egypt

South Korea will oversee the construction of an integrated agriculture city in Egypt which will feature 50,000 smart greenhouses in addition to desalination and solar power plants.

A company to build world’s largest rotating solar plant in South Korea

A South Korean solar developer revealed last week plans to build the world’s largest rotating solar park at a reservoir in the country.

Average life expectancy set to increase by 2030

Average life expectancy is set to increase in many countries by 2030 - and will exceed 90 years in South Korea, according to new research.

South Korean Fusion Reactor Sets New Record

Researchers in South Korea achieved a major breakthrough last week when they maintained ‘high performance’ plasma in a stable state for 70 seconds.