Prada to stop using fur from next year

The Italian fashion house will no longer use fur from next year, joining the list of fur-free brands.

New Jersey, U.S. bans wild and exotic animals in circuses

The state of New Jersey has become the first in the United States to prohibit the use of wild and exotic animals by traveling shows and circuses.

World's first lab-grown steak is served up in Israel

Made from cells that were isolated from a cow and grown into a 3-D structure, the steak's creator, Aleph Farms, says it represents a benchmark in cellular meat production.

Chanel ditches furs and animal skins

Chanel is the latest high-end fashion label to go cruelty-free. The luxury brand announced this week that it will ban furs and animal skins, including crocodile, lizard, snake, and stingray, from its collections.

South Korea's Largest Dog Slaughterhouse Has Shut Down

Korea's largest dog slaughterhouse in the province of Taepyeong-dong has been shut down by authorities. Made up of six separate complexes, the city council will demolish five and turn the space into a public park.

Los Angeles, US, moves to ban fur products

The city of Los Angeles, a leading center of the world’s fashion industry, moved on Tuesday toward becoming the largest U.S. metropolis to outlaw the sale and manufacture of most fur products within its limits.

California, US bans animal testing in cosmetics

37 other countries have banned animal testing already, including India, Brazil, New Zealand, South Korea, Taiwan, Israel, and the European Union and now the United States will join them.

British Fashion Council commits to fur-free London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week (LFW) will be the first event of its kind to go fur free. The move is a response to the criticism LFW has received over the past two years from activists.

This computer program could make animal testing obsolete

The computer-based system called "Rasar" for short uses artificial intelligence to analyze a database on chemical safety that contains the results of 800,000 tests on 10,000 different chemicals.

United Kingdom moves to ban most of its ivory trade

United Kingdom Secretary of the Environment Michael Gove has introduced a bill to Parliament that would ban the purchase, sale, possession for sale and international trade of ivory.

University Develops Virtual Rats to End Animal Testing

Researchers at the University of Oxford were awarded $30,000 to continue development on software that aims to be more accurate for scientific testing than animals.

Versace becomes latest label to give up real fur

Animal fur as a status symbol takes another blow as enlightened fashion houses trade fox for faux.

What is the future of animal testing?

Recent tests of car exhaust on monkeys have renewed the debate around animal testing. Researchers say there are alternatives that are less cruel.

Hong Kong votes to end its massive ivory trade by 2021

In a historic vote, the Legislative Council of Hong Kong voted 49-4 to ban the trade of ivory by 2021.

Cloned monkeys will live a life of pain

The scientists tried 79 times before they got it right. Monkey after monkey was made to live in distressing conditions and then die after a few days.