Bill Gates: Rich Nations Should Switch To Synthetic Beef

Billionaire and philanthropist Bill Gates is urging all rich nations to shift away from environmentally destructive animal agriculture and toward plant-based and lab-grown alternatives to meat.

Eating nuts, vegetables, soy linked to lower stroke risk

According to most recent study, vegetarians have a 48% lower risk of overall stroke than non-vegetarians, a 60% lower risk of ischemic stroke and a 65% lower risk of hemorrhagic stroke.

Even eating a little red meat may increase risk of death

A new study has found that consuming even small amounts of red and processed meats, versus none, may impact mortality from all causes, especially cardiovascular disease.

2019 Will Be Year Of The Vegan

No longer a counter-culture, 'vegan' is now a word we see and hear everywhere - in shops and restaurants, in people's conversations on the streets, and in newspapers and magazines. It's not hype or a short-term trend.

Feeding 10 billion people by 2050 will mean eating a lot less meat

Unless we make some changes, the environmental impacts of the food system could increase by 50 to 90 percent in the next 20 years and the planet will not be able to support our skyrocketing population.

Flexitarian Diets Gain Worldwide Momentum

“Flexitarianism” was coined by Millennials, it encourages people to make an effort three or four days a week to consciously choose not to eat meat.

Asheville, US proclaims 7-Day Vegan Challenge

Vegan Challenge invites residents and businesses to eat plant-based foods between June 4 and 10 to promote good health, animal justice, social justice, environmental justice, and climate justice.

Vegetarian diets could help avert one-third of early deaths, new research finds

One-third of early deaths - up to 200,000 total - might be averted if people switched to vegetarian diets, according to calculations from Harvard scientists.

Foods of the future

As the world’s population climbs above 9 billion by mid-century, our food needs will grow by 70 percent. How do we meet them without mowing down every forest?

Four School Districts in Brazil to Go Vegan by 2019

The Sustainable School project will benefit 30,000 children and reduce the consumption of animal products by 25 percent per semester in schools located in the northeastern state of Bahia.

Greenpeace wants us to eat 50% less meat and dairy by 2050

The report, titled "Less is More: Reducing Meat and Dairy for a Healthier Life and Planet," sets an ambitious goal for reducing global meat and dairy consumption by 50 percent by the year 2050.

Canada to Invest $150 Million in Plant-Based Food Sector

The country aims to develop a more sustainable food system that relies on plant-based foods instead of animal agriculture.

Organic and Sustainable Food Trends Taking Over 2018

2017 was the year of plant-based diets reaching new heights of popularity. 2018 has just as much to be excited about as far as lifestyle and food trends are concerned.

Could AI help to create a meat-free world?

The more meat and animal products we eat, the quicker we deplete the Earth's resources. Could artificial intelligence devise new ways to make meat-free foods that taste great as well?

Film-maker James Cameron takes aim at dairy and meat

Multi-millionaire Canadian film-maker James Cameron has taken aim at the meat and dairy sectors, saying that people need to eat less of it in order for the world to reach any climate goals.