Food production must change drastically to save world

In a new report issued by the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), scientists warn that the decisions we make now regarding land use and food production will determine whether or not global warming is controllable.

Scientists make fundamental discovery to creating better crops

Scientists have discovered the specific gene that controls an important symbiotic relationship between plants and soil fungi. The discovery could lead to the development of bioenergy and food crops that can withstand harsh growing conditions.

Can we feed 11 billion people while preventing the spread of infectious disease?

Within the next 80 years, the world's population is expected to top 11 billion. A new article describes how the increase in population and the need to feed everyone will give rise to human infectious disease.

A very small number of crops are dominating globally

A new study suggests that globally we're growing more of the same kinds of crops, and this presents major challenges for agricultural sustainability on a global scale.

Human diet causing 'catastrophic' damage to planet: study

We can no longer feed our population a healthy diet while balancing planetary resources. For the first time in 200,000 years of human history, we are severely out of sync with the planet and Nature.

There's not enough fresh produce for everyone in the world to eat well

If everyone in the world were to eat the recommended amount of vegetables, fruit, and protein, there wouldn't be enough to go around. This finding comes from a new Canadian study.

Feeding 10 billion people by 2050 will mean eating a lot less meat

Unless we make some changes, the environmental impacts of the food system could increase by 50 to 90 percent in the next 20 years and the planet will not be able to support our skyrocketing population.

Food waste will increase to 66 tons per second if left unchecked

Global food waste is expected to increase by a third by 2030 if no action is taken, reaching a whopping total of 66 tons of food wasted per second.

The EU Just Took a Major Step Toward Cutting Food Waste in Half by 2030

The European Parliament backed a law urging member states to halve food waste by 2030, requiring them to report food waste levels yearly from 2020 and provide incentives for collecting and redistributing unsold food.

How farming with rocks could improve global food security

UK Scientists have learned that farming with crushed silicate rocks mixed into the soil could improve global food security, increase crop yield and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

40-foot shipping container farm can grow 5 acres of food with 97% less water

Shipping container farms, called TerraFarms, grow produce twice as fast as a traditional farm, all while using 97 percent less water and zero pesticides or herbicides.

Earth's population just hit 7.5 billion people

A global population of 7.5 billion people has far-reaching repercussions – including increased greenhouse gas emissions, strained food supplies, and increased total consumption.

A 'bionic leaf' could help feed the world

To help spur the next agricultural revolution, researchers have invented a "bionic" leaf that uses bacteria, sunlight, water and air to make fertilizer in the very soil where crops are grown.

8 teenage inventions that could save the world

Sometimes the brightest ideas come in young packages. Teenagers from around the world demonstrate you don’t need a high school diploma to come up with a life-changing invention.

Millions of tons of food could be saved with better logistics

In 2012, the estimated amount of food waste in the EU was 88 million tonnes. This equates to 173 kilograms of food waste per person, and it means that we are wasting about 20 percent of the total food produced.