We're worse with food waste than we think

Every person in the world is wasting about 500 calories of food a day, according to a new study. Without waste, we could feed five people instead of four. Reducing food waste is a key challenge in fighting climate change.

New way to reduce food waste: humanizing

In a society that equates beauty with quality, the perception that blemished produce is less desirable than its perfect peers contributes to 1.3 billion tons of wasted food a year globally. Researchers are looking at the potential solutions. 

UK announces £5 million investment for food waste

The investment will allow redistribution organisations in England to bid into a £5 million pot to help them overcome the financial barrier to redistributing surplus food which is currently going to waste.

Austin, US Restaurants From Throwing Away Food Waste Banned

Restaurants in Austin, Texas, will no longer be allowed to throw out food waste. Businesses can dispose of their food waste by donating extra food, giving scraps to local farms for animals, or composting.

Food waste will increase to 66 tons per second if left unchecked

Global food waste is expected to increase by a third by 2030 if no action is taken, reaching a whopping total of 66 tons of food wasted per second.

A worldwide hotel chain now grow their own food

AccorHotels is making strong progress on plans to cut food waste around the world. The global chain announced yesterday that it has installed 600 urban gardens at 4,300 of its hotels.

To reduce global warming we have to reduce food waste

If food waste were a country, it would place third – following the US and China – for impact on global warming.

Excess milk gets a second life feeding the hungry

Instead of dumping over 43 gallons of milk every year, Pennsylvania farmers in USA are teaming up with food banks to feed the hungry and turn a profit.

World's First Pay-What-You-Can Grocery Store

The world’s first pay-what-you-can grocery store just opened up in Toronto and the shelves are stocked entirely with food that was destined for a landfill.

Turning food waste into sustainable clothing fibers

The Agraloop Bio-Refinery is capable of turning food waste such as banana peels, pineapple leaves and hemp stalks into natural fiber that can be woven into clothing.

The EU Just Took a Major Step Toward Cutting Food Waste in Half by 2030

The European Parliament backed a law urging member states to halve food waste by 2030, requiring them to report food waste levels yearly from 2020 and provide incentives for collecting and redistributing unsold food.

France Is Leading the World in Ending Food Waste

Because of its strict zero food waste policies, sustainable agricultural practices, and the healthy eating habits of its people, France has retained the top spot in the Food Sustainability Index.

The world's first vending machine for the homeless is 100% free

New charity is installing vending machines with food and items like socks for the homeless in the United Kingdom.

France is the world's most sustainable food country

In 2016, the country became the first globally to require supermarkets to donate unsold food to charity, and for restaurants to provide doggy bags when requested, or be subject to fines.

This company wants to turn food waste into building materials

In a report entitled The Urban Bio-Loop a company proposes to transform food waste into low-cost and eco-friendly materials.