The EU Wants to Cut Pesticide Use by 2030 to Save Bees

While the EU previously banned neonicotinoids — insecticides that target the central nervous system — in 2018, many other pesticides still pose a serious threat to Europe’s bee population.

2019 was Europe's warmest year on record

Europe is heating faster than the global average. Data from the EU's Copernicus Climate Service shows that 11 of the 12 warmest years on record on the continent have occurred since 2000. 

Climate change is affecting the way Europe floods

Climate change is disrupting the rhythms of spring growing and river flooding across Europe, which could pose new problems for biodiversity and food security in floodplains, scientists say.

EU Parliament backs ban on single-use plastic products

The ban would be implemented from 2021 and would affect a range of plastic products that have reasonable alternatives, such as plastic cutlery, foam takeout food containers, straws and drink stirrers.

EU consumption results in high CO2 emissions from tropical deforestation

More than half of deforestation is due to production of food and animal feed, such as beef, soy beans and palm oil. Overall, exports account for about a fourth of that deforestation which is connected to food production.

Five EU countries call for 100% renewable energy by 2050

Luxembourg, Austria, Ireland, Lithuanian, Spain and Finland have joined in a call to a 100% renewable energy system, which includes heating, cooling, transport and other drains on power.

European Union agrees to end coal subsidies by 2025

European Union member states and the European Parliament agreed Wednesday to reform the bloc's electricity market, including a call to end coal subsidies by 2025.

European Parliament votes to ban single-use plastics

The European Parliament has voted overwhelmingly for an European Union-wide ban on single-use plastics, such as straws, plastic cutlery and cotton buds. The ban would come into effect from 2021.

EU to seek stricter car emissions cut by 2030

European Union countries have agreed to pursue a 35 percent cut in car emissions by 2030, as part of global efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and limit global warming.

EU Cars: Diesel Emissions Greatly Exceed Tests

A new study reports finds that in Europe, 10 major auto manufacturers produced diesel cars, sold between 2000 and 2015, that generate up to 16 times more emissions on the road than in regulatory tests.

Europe officially has more than one million electric cars

Increased electric vehicle sales have helped Europe hit a high note of one-million-plus electric cars on the streets, and the numbers are only growing.

Galileo satellites now in orbit for improved EU satellite navigation

Once complete and with a record precision of 20cm, Galileo will be the most precise satellite navigation system in the world.

EU chemical industry REACHes the finish line

As of midnight on May 31st 2018, data on the hazards and risks of every chemical sold in Europe is available to ensure safety.

100% electric ferry could help decarbonize sea travel

The 100 percent electric, zero-emission E-ferry, called Ellen, could allow for green ferry travel starting in Denmark. E-ferry is funded by the European Union.

EU Commission plans ban on plastic waste

Plastic utensils, straws, coffee stirrers and cotton swabs may soon be a lot harder to come by in Europe. The EU Commission is to present its plan to ban the single-use products in the fight against plastic waste.