Deforestation of the Amazon rainforest hits three football fields per minute

The rate of deforestation today is pushing the world's largest rainforest closer to a point beyond which it cannot recover. 1,345 square kilometers of the region have been cleared so far this month, higher than the previous monthly record.

Ethiopia 'breaks' tree-planting record to tackle climate change

Ethiopia has planted more than 350 million trees in a day, officials say, in what they believe is a world record. The project aims to counter the effects of deforestation and climate change in the drought-prone country.

Students in the Philippines must plant 10 trees to graduate

The new law called the "Graduation Legacy for the Environment Act," it is seen as a valuable opportunity for young people to take action against climate change and hopes to fix deforestation in Philippines.

EU consumption results in high CO2 emissions from tropical deforestation

More than half of deforestation is due to production of food and animal feed, such as beef, soy beans and palm oil. Overall, exports account for about a fourth of that deforestation which is connected to food production.

Deforestation and 'mass extinction' in Haiti

A Caribbean island once full of lush trees and teeming with wildlife is nearly completely deforested and undergoing a mass extinction event. More than half of the country's species predicted to be gone by 2035.

Brazil cuts emissions from deforestation two years ahead of schedule

Overall emissions caused by deforestation in the Amazon rainforest were down by 610 million tonnes of carbon dioxide. This is ahead of its 2020 target of 564 million tonnes.

Colombia to produce deforestation-free chocolate

You’ll soon be able to enjoy your chocolate guilt-free. Colombia has become the first Latin American country and the third country in the world to commit to deforestation-free cocoa production.

In 2017, We Lost 40 Football Fields Of Trees Every Minute

New data shows that over 15.8 million hectares (39 million acres) – an area the size of Bangladesh – of tree cover was lost in the tropics during 2017.

In Madagascar, fishermen plant mangroves for the future

In just two decades, Madagascar lost about a fifth of its mangrove forest area, exposing its coastline to the ocean's ravages.

Major supermarket chain is the first in the UK to remove palm oil from all its food

Over half of products in supermarkets contain palm oil and demand is contributing to deforestation. United Kingdom supermarket Iceland said they will stop using palm oil in their own brand food by the end of 2018.

Cambodia's forests are being felled at a shocking rate

Loggers are illegally felling rare and valuable trees to sell in China and Europe, making Cambodia's deforestation rate among the world's worst.

Air quality is leading environmental threat to public health

The 2018 Environmental Performance Index (EPI) finds that air quality is the leading environmental threat to public health. The report ranks 180 countries on 24 performance indicators.

Deforestation linked to palm oil production is making Indonesia warmer

In the past decades, large areas of forest in Sumatra, Indonesia, have been replaced by cash crops like oil palm and rubber plantations. New research shows that these changes in land use increase temperatures in the region.

Tropical Forests Now Have a Serious Carbon Footprint Problem

A new study published today finds that less eye-catching human impacts are more harmful than has been assumed, and are actually causing tropical forests to now emit more carbon than they capture—making them a carbon source rather than a carbon sink.

Pakistan plants 1 billionth tree to help reverse deforestation

A plan to plant 1 billion trees in Pakistan to help offset deforestation was achieved this month.