Brazilian Amazon deforestation hits new Jan-Apr high

Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon hit a new high in the first four months of the year, according to data released Friday, a worrying trend after the devastation caused by record fires last year.

The wealthiest countries let us all down at the UN climate talks

Carlos Manuel Rodríguez, Costa Rica’s minister for energy and environment, specifically blamed the United States, Brazil, and Australia for blocking progress by insisting on climate language unacceptable to most countries.

Brazil cuts emissions from deforestation two years ahead of schedule

Overall emissions caused by deforestation in the Amazon rainforest were down by 610 million tonnes of carbon dioxide. This is ahead of its 2020 target of 564 million tonnes.

In 2017, We Lost 40 Football Fields Of Trees Every Minute

New data shows that over 15.8 million hectares (39 million acres) – an area the size of Bangladesh – of tree cover was lost in the tropics during 2017.

Four School Districts in Brazil to Go Vegan by 2019

The Sustainable School project will benefit 30,000 children and reduce the consumption of animal products by 25 percent per semester in schools located in the northeastern state of Bahia.

Nearly 200 Activists Were Killed Defending the Environment This Year

In certain countries, attempting to protect the environment can be a death sentence. This year has seen the deaths of 185 environmental defenders worldwide.

How Google Is Revealing Unmapped Areas of the World in Virtual Reality

VR producer Chris Milk hopes that the technology’s potential will extend far beyond, - for instance by using VR to transport viewers into the lives of others to create empathy and understanding.

Corporations Join Norway in Creating $400M Rainforest Fund

Corporate giants have joined the Norwegian government in creating a fund to find deforestation in Brazil.

The Rio Olympics finally represents the whole world, including millions with no country

Time and again, the Olympic games have served to reflect and even amplify this spirit. It has allowed people to represent their countries—even if they weren’t officially recognized by their neighbors or members of the United Nations.

Massive deforestation found in Brazil's Cerrado

Agricultural expansion in Brazil's Cerrado is quickly chewing up rainforests and savannas -- even altering the region's water cycle, a new study finds.

Floating Solar Panels Restore Doomed Lake

A tropical landscape flooded to accommodate an underperforming hydroelectric dam is getting a new lease on life.