Microplastics accelerate cell death at 3 times the normal rate

Dutch researchers have found recently announced that cells exposed to microplastics experience cell death three times faster than those that are not. With microplastic pollution everywhere, the findings are sobering.

Association between soft drink consumption and mortality

A large European study in 10 countries found that participants who drank two or more glasses of sugar-sweetened or artificially sweetened soft drinks drinks per day had a higher risk of all-cause mortality.

Even eating a little red meat may increase risk of death

A new study has found that consuming even small amounts of red and processed meats, versus none, may impact mortality from all causes, especially cardiovascular disease.

Progress uneven as global child death rates fall

Countries with the lowest social and economic statuses accounted for almost 75% of all deaths among children and adolescents in 2015.

New study shows rich, poor have huge mortality gap in U.S.

In unprecedented detail, lifespan gap shown to be large and growing rapidly.

Report links 6.5 million deaths worldwide to air pollution

Each year about 6.5 million deaths worldwide are linked to air pollution, a number that could grow in coming decades unless the energy sector steps up its efforts to slash emissions, the International Energy Agency warned.