What 'net-zero carbon' really means for cities

How does a city choked with traffic and packed full of carbon-emitting processes and structures reach a goal of net-zero carbon? And exactly how different would the urban environment look if it were net-zero?

UK's first zero-emissions street to be trialled in London

Beech Street, much of which runs under the Barbican Estate, will now be restricted to zero emission vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians by Spring 2020. The experiment will run for 18 months, during which time the impact on air quality and traffic will be monitored.

World’s first ‘BioSolar Leaf’ to tackle air pollution in London, UK

The technology, which is the first of its kind in the world, purifies the air through the photosynthesis of microscopic plants, removing greenhouse gases from the environment whilst generating breathable oxygen.

Underground pollution in London is 30 times higher than busy roads

UK report has found that spending one hour on the London tube is more toxic than spending all day on above ground in ambient London air.

British Fashion Council commits to fur-free London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week (LFW) will be the first event of its kind to go fur free. The move is a response to the criticism LFW has received over the past two years from activists.

Solar-powered ‘smart benches’ come to south London

The smart benches allow people to charge phones, use free WiFi, and track levels of air pollution, all powered by a solar panel.

Junk Food Ads to Be Banned on London’s Public Transport

Transport for London will no longer accept adverts that promote food and drink high in fat, salt, or sugar. Globally, there are 2 billion overweight adults, according to the Global Nutrition Report 2017.

UPS declares the "beginning of the end" for combustion engines

UPS has announced major investments in its vehicle charging infrastructure as the company moves to electrify its delivery fleet, one of the largest vehicle fleets in the world.

London's annual pollution limit for 2018 breached within a month

The time taken to reach the limit improves since last year but campaigners say the Government must do more to save lives.

UK’s biggest ever coffee cup recycling scheme launches today

London introduces coffee cup recycling facilities across the City and aims to collect and recycle half a million cups in the City of London throughout April, rising to 5 million by the end of the year.

London and Paris mayors announce new emissions monitoring system for vehicles

The mayors of London and Paris are acting to cut air pollution in their cities by monitoring emissions and rating vehicles based on their score.

What will London and LA look like in 2121

Alan Marshall created the Ecotopia 2121 project which predicts what key cities around the world will look like in the year 2121 if they become green and eco-friendly to combat the global environmental crisis.

Londoners in 2050 won't need cars. They'll be living in an app-powered eco-capital

The success of London in 2050 will be measured by its environment. Will Londoners experience the city as spacious, efficient, healthy, and resilient? Or will they experience it as overcrowded, dysfunctional, stressful and insecure?