Breakthrough To Enable People With Paralysis To Walk Again

For the first time in the world, Israeli researchers have engineered 3D human spinal cord tissues and implanted them in lab model with long-term chronic paralysis.  

Scientists 3D print a tiny live heart using patient's own cells

A team of Israel researchers revealed the 3D printed heart that completely matches the immunological, cellular, biochemical and anatomical properties of a human patient. 

The Israeli car that will take off from the roof

New Future Transportation (NFT) is developing an electric car prototype with wings that aims to solve congestion and also be affordable at $50,000.

Sustainable 'plastics' are on the horizon

Tel Aviv University study describes a process to make bioplastic polymers that don't require land or fresh water. The new process produces 'plastic' from marine microorganisms that completely recycle into organic waste.

World's first lab-grown steak is served up in Israel

Made from cells that were isolated from a cow and grown into a 3-D structure, the steak's creator, Aleph Farms, says it represents a benchmark in cellular meat production.

Incredible rooftop farm takes over Israel's oldest mall to grow thousands of organic vegetables

Today the farm grows 10,000 heads of leafy greens a month year-round, with 17 different kinds of vegetables and herbs on rotation at a time, inside two greenhouses that total 750 square meters of growing space.

Israel to test electric roads that wirelessly charge vehicles as they drive

Electroad is working to pave the way towards a greener world with technology that retrofits existing roads with buried coils to inductively charge electric vehicles.

New strain of algae produces five times more hydrogen fuel

A Tel Aviv University team genetically engineered algae to emit hydrogen five times more efficiently to potentially power hydrogen cars.