Placebo or sham surgery can be as effective as a real one

A review of 53 placebo-controlled surgery trials found that sham surgery was as good as the real thing in over half of the studies. Sham surgery activates the wound-healing cascade.

This Prickly New Material Literally Pops Viruses, With Up to 96% Success

A newly developed silicon material covered with tiny nanospikes is capable of taking out 96 percent of the virus particles unfortunate enough to touch its surface in tests.

Scientists destroy 99% of cancer cells using 'vibrating molecules'

The early-stage research - which saw 99 % of melanoma cells eradicated in a lab - could provide new cancer treatment options, experts say.

Breakthrough Therapy Obliterates Deadly Brain Tumor in Days

Brain scans of a 72-year-old man diagnosed with a highly aggressive form of cancer known as a glioblastoma have revealed a remarkable regression in his tumor's size within days of receiving an innovative new treatment.

AI Predicts Alzheimer's 7 Years Early

Researchers have developed an AI method that can predict Alzheimer’s Disease up to seven years before the onset of symptoms.

Antiviral Drugs Grown in Space Comes Back To Earth For Analysis

Antiviral Drugs Grown in Space Comes Back To Earth For Analysis. Exploring the Future of Pharmaceuticals in Space.

Tiny Doses of LSD Boost Unique Signals in The Human Brain

Even small doses of LSD could have therapeutic benefits for mental health and task performance, a new study shows.

California Man Free of HIV And Cancer in Astonishing Medical Recovery

The patient is now considered in remission from acute myelogenous leukemia (AML), and in another two years, he could be considered 'cured' of HIV, as that will mark five years from his last treatment.

US FDA approves first treatment for severe frostbite

The treatment, which will help reduce the risk of amputation, will be sold under the brand name Aurlumyn and is expected to be available in Spring 2024.

Gene Therapy Allows an 11-Year-Old Boy to Hear for the First Time

The treatment was a success, introducing a child who had known nothing of sound to a new world.

Man Receives World's First Eye Transplant

A hospital in New York City, U.S recently said it had successfully performed the world’s first eye transplant and the patient is doing well.

Only 1% of chemical compounds have been discovered

The universe is flooded with billions of chemicals and we’ve only identified 1% of them. Scientists believe undiscovered chemical compounds could help remove greenhouse gases or trigger a medical breakthrough much like penicillin did.

Scientists develop artificial kidney that may end dialysis

Scientists at the University of California San Francisco have developed a bioreactor device that uses human kidney cells cultured in the laboratory and mimics some of the key functions of a kidney.

Brain Implant Gives a Voice to People Who Couldn't Speak

In two separate cases, scientists have successfully used brain implants and machine learning to give patients back their voice after theirs was taken.

CRISPR Protects Bacteria From Invading Viruses in an Unexpected Way

Recent studies show that the famous gene-editing tool does more in bacteria than just spot DNA for chopping up; it coordinates with other proteins to bulk up defenses against invading viruses as well.