Aggressive Cancer Cells Transformed Into Healthy Cells in Breakthrough

Scientists have successfully induced rhabdomyosarcoma cells to transform into normal, healthy muscle cells. It's a breakthrough that could lead to similar breakthroughs for other types of human cancers.

Ultra-processed foods may be linked to increased risk of cancer

Higher consumption of ultra-processed foods may be linked to an increased risk of developing and dying from cancer, an observational study suggests.

Cancers in adults below 50 have dramatically increased around the globe

Early onset cancers defined as cancers discovered in adults younger than 50 years old, have "dramatically increased" around the world over the last few decades.

A molecular link between diet and risk cancer

The connection may explain the high incidence of cancer among those who consume large amounts of dairy products and red meat, similar to the link between high cholesterol and an increased risk of heart disease.

Breakthrough in childhood cancer

UK scientists have been able to identify a chromosome signature for the group of children needing more intensive, aggressive chemotherapy treatment for the most common form of brain cancer.

Love organic foods? Your odds for some cancers may fall

Eating more organically grown foods is linked to a 76 percent decreased risk for all lymphomas and an 86 percent reduced risk for non-Hodgkin lymphoma, French researchers say.

Treatments that cause the immune system to attack cancer earn a Nobel

The Nobel Prize Committee has honored two researchers for their role in pioneering a new avenue for cancer treatment, one where the therapy targets the immune system, which then goes on to attack the cancer.

Scientists develop 'world first' melanoma blood test

Australian researchers said Wednesday they have developed a blood test for melanoma in its early stages, calling it a "world first" breakthrough that could save many lives.

Starbucks, other coffee companies must now have cancer warning label

A judge in California, US sided with the nonprofit that brought the case against coffee companies because of a carcinogen, acrylamide, that is produced when coffee beans are roasted.

Simple Blood Test Detects Eight Types of Cancer

CancerSEEK, which was 70 percent accurate in a human trial, could be major breakthrough in early identification of cancers and where in the body they are located.

Mapping the evolutionary history of a toxic sugar gene

The gene CMAH, that allows for the synthesis of a sugar called Neu5Gc, is missing from humans. This sugar is present in red meats, some fish and dairy products.

Australian researchers say they can stop melanoma spreading

Researchers say a combination of new treatments can stop the world's deadliest form of skin cancer—melanoma.

Whole grains decrease cancer risk, processed meats increase the risk

Major new report finds strong evidence of links between lifestyle and cancer risk. Physical activity and whole grains lowers risk of a specific cancer; too much alcohol and red meat, processed meats and obesity increase the risk.

Microscope advances could prevent multiple breast cancer surgeries

A new type of microscope aims to reduce the number of surgeries needed by breast cancer patients by identifying cancerous tissue in real-time

Where cigarette smoking's damage is done... down to the DNA

For the first time, scientists created a method for effectively mapping that DNA damage at high resolution across the genome.