Pakistan Flood Crisis Caused by Climate Change

Relentless rains in Pakistan over two months have caused the country's worst flooding in more than a decade. Floodwaters have washed away roads, buildings, and crops. A third of the country is now underwater.

Pakistan's virus-idled workers hired to plant trees

Since Pakistan locked down to try to stem the spread of COVID-19, unemployed day laborers have been given new jobs as "jungle workers", planting saplings as part of the country's 10 Billion Tree Tsunami programme.

Villagers 'Living Between Life and Death' as Pakistan's Glaciers Melt

Pakistan has more glaciers than any other country outside the polar region — more than 7,200. Data gathered over the last 50 years shows that all but about 120 of the glaciers are melting, due to rising temperatures.

Reforestation is transforming northwestern Pakistan

Once arid hillsides have now become lush green woodland in northwestern Pakistan, where hundreds of millions of trees from 42 different species have been planted as part of the “Billion Tree Tsunami” program.

Pakistan just broke the world record for the hottest day in April

Pakistan hit 122.3 degrees Fahrenheit (50.2 C) this week, marking the highest temperature recorded for the month of April - ever. The Pakistan Meteorological Department confirmed the recording.

Meet Pakistan's First Transgender News Anchor

Marvia Malik is breaking ground as her country rallies to combat discrimination.

Exposure to harmful pesticides in Pakistan

Globally around 200,000 people die each year in the developing world due to organophosphorus pesticide poisoning.

Pakistan plants 1 billionth tree to help reverse deforestation

A plan to plant 1 billion trees in Pakistan to help offset deforestation was achieved this month.

Pakistani Province Grows 750 Million Trees

A massive tree planting effort has provided jobs to 500,000 impoverished people, and will plant 1 billion saplings by the end of 2018.