Climate change lawsuit in US to hold oil companies accountable

Baltimore city, US government officials want oil companies to pay for their direct contributions to climate change. In Baltimore, citizens have suffered the devastating effects associated with climate change.

Dutch court orders Shell to cut carbon emissions 45% by 2030

Ruling on a suit filed by the Netherlands branch of Friends of the Earth,  a court in the Netherlands ordered energy giant Royal Dutch Shell to cut its carbon emissions by 45 % before the decade is over.

Can cities sue oil companies for damages due to climate change?

A Toronto city councilor is going to try. In the last few years it has been hit by ice storms, floods, and, according to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, has been hit by six 100-year storms since 2005.

Things we’ve learned about Earth since the last Earth Day

We continue to shape life on Earth, and threaten our survival, in unexpected ways.

Shell hit with Dutch climate lawsuit

In a summary of the 250-page document handed over to Shell, the groups said that under Dutch law Shell was unlawfully endangering peoples' lives by not acting to prevent global warming.

US state to sue oil companies over climate change impacts

Rhode Island has become the first US state to sue a group of oil companies over their role in causing dangerous climate change.

Communities in US file climate lawsuits vs. two oil companies

Several Colorado communities have now joined the growing wave of municipalities taking legal action against fossil fuel companies and seeking compensation for the impacts of climate change.

List Of Those Suing Big Oil For Climate Change is increasing

Arnold Schwarzenegger announced his plans this week to sue Big Oil for its contributions to climate change. Schwarzenegger joins a growing list of cities and now private citizens who hope to bring Big Oil to court.

New York, US sues oil companies for the cost of adapting to climate change

Today, the city of New York in US joined a number of California cities in suing a group of major oil companies for the costs of climate change.

A Lawyer Who Tries to Make Big Oil Pay for Climate Change

Steve Berman, who won a $200 billion settlement from tobacco companies in the 90s has set his sights on fossil fuel companies.