New Process Turns Trash Into Graphene

Scientists have developed a new technique for turning almost any carbon-based rubbish from banana skins to car tires  into graphene flakes, a process that may provide hugely positive environmental impacts.

Reactor turns greenhouse gas into pure liquid fuel

An electrocatalysis reactor built at Rice University, U.S. recycles carbon dioxide to produce pure liquid fuel solutions using electricity. The scientists hope it will become an efficient and profitable way to reuse the greenhouse gas and keep it out of the atmosphere.

Company that sucks CO2 from air announces a new plant

Swiss company has announced the opening of a new plant in Italy that will collect carbon dioxide from the air and pair it with hydrogen to make methane fuel that would add little or no CO2 to the atmosphere.

Sustainable ethanol from carbon dioxide

A recent discovery could lead to a new, more sustainable way to make ethanol without corn or other crops.

Solar Power Turns Water and Carbon Dioxide Into Fuel

The pilot project in Finland will create liquid or gas fuel using only renewable energy sources.

Recycling carbon dioxide

Researchers have long tried to find simple ways to convert this greenhouse gas into fuels and other useful chemicals. Now, engineers has developed a technique powered by renewable energies such as solar or wind.