Exciting technology converts CO2 into ethylene

A company seeks to replace the non-renewable and pollutive process of creating ethylene with its new technology that uses carbon dioxide instead.

New catalyst for reduction of carbon dioxide

US researchers have made a key advance in the green chemistry pursuit of converting the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide into reusable forms of carbon via electrochemical reduction.

Scientists just accidentally discovered a process that turns CO2 directly into ethanol

If scientists can figure out how to convert atmospheric carbon dioxide into fuel - and do it at an industrial scale - it would, quite literally, change the world.

Recycling carbon dioxide

Researchers have long tried to find simple ways to convert this greenhouse gas into fuels and other useful chemicals. Now, engineers has developed a technique powered by renewable energies such as solar or wind.

First materials woven at atomic and molecular levels: Weaving a new story for COFS and MOFs

Scientists have woven the first 3-D covalent organic frameworks (COFs) from helical organic threads. The woven COFs display significant advantages in structural flexibility, resiliency and reversibility over previous COFs.