Holographic data storage could fit 1,000 DVDs onto a 10cm film

The creation, and subsequent storage, of data is the most pressing issue in the world of technology right now. But new holographic technology could be about to make a huge impact to this problem.

Holograms taken to new dimension

Engineers create brighter, full-color holograms that can be viewed with low light.

Nano-Hologram Technology Will Bring 3D Images to Phones, Tablets, and TVs

A newly-developed ultra-thin material tricks the human eye into perceiving highly detailed 3D images without the need for special glasses.

The Making Of Buzz Aldrin: Cycling Pathways To Mars VR Project

As NASA prepares to send the first humans to Mars, LIFE VR, TIME and 8i have collaborated and created Buzz Aldrin: Cycling Pathways to Mars, the world’s first holographic ‘archival VR’ project.

Sci-fi holograms a step closer

Physicists have invented a tiny device that creates the highest quality holographic images ever achieved, opening the door to imaging technologies seen in science fiction movies.

Acoustic holograms

Researchers can create complex patterns in air and water using ultrasonic waves. By placing 3D printed plates in front of speakers, they can levitate water droplets and propel small objects.

Scientists have unveiled the world's first holographic flexible smartphone

Canadian researchers have developed what they are claiming is the world's first holographic flexible smartphone, with a bendable display that allows multiple people looking at the device to see different 3D images depending on their perspective.

A New Morning

Magic Leap unveiled a new video demonstration of its technology, complete with virtual screens that could theoretically replace a phone or even a desktop PC.

It's 2026 and Anyone in This Room Could Be a Hologram

Holoportation is now a thing, so start slapping everyone in arm's distance to make sure they're real.

New technique lights up the creation of holograms

Researchers have developed a unique way to create full-color holograms with the aid of surface plasmons.