Perseverance: Nasa's Mars rover celebrates 1,000 days of science

Nasa says its Perseverance rover has essentially completed the job it was asked to do when it landed on Mars in February 2021.

A new explanation for what happened to the water on Venus

A new study details dissociative recombination, which may have led to Venus losing its water.

Life on Mars seems very likely after recent Curiosity rover discovery

The mystery of life’s origins on Earth has long puzzled scientists, but a recent discovery on Mars might be shedding new light on this profound question, while also inching closer to finding life on Mars.

New evidence found for Planet 9

A small team of planetary scientists from U.S. reports possible new evidence of Planet 9.

Orbiter Spots "Spiders" on Surface of Mars

These so called "spiders" are the result of a complex geological process that causes carbon dioxide to sublimate, digging up darker material from below the surface during the planet's spring.

Venus' atmosphere is leaking gases into space

BepiColombo made two flybys of Venus on its journey to Mercury. The spacecraft found carbon and oxygen escaping into space in a previously unexplored region of Venus’ magnetosphere. 

Young cold traps of the asteroid Ceres

Ceres, the largest asteroid in our solar system, harbors a dark secret: extremely young ice deposits in permanently shadowed craters near its poles. 

Pluto got its "heart" in a violent collision 

The experts attribute the formation of the unique heart-shaped terrain to a colossal oblique-angle collision with a celestial body approximately 700 kilometers in diameter – roughly twice the size of Switzerland from east to west.

A Single Asteroid Caused Two Billion Craters on Mars, Scientists Claim

A team of scientists have found that a single meteorite was likely responsible for creating billions of craters on the Martian surface.

Giant volcano on Mars hiding in plain sight

 Although more eroded and not as tall, the newly discovered volcano rivals the others in diameter. It’s about 450 km across. The volcano sits on the eastern edge of a broad rise called Tharsis, home to 3 other well-known giant volcanoes.

Astronomers spot water vapor in region where planets likely form

Astronomers have found water vapor around a young star within the constellation Taurus, 450 light-years away from Earth.

Ancient Volcanoes on Mars Hold Clues to Earth's Long-Lost Past

For a quiet, dusty lump of a planet we see today, Mars has had a surprisingly violent history, one that could reveal some clues about Earth.

Confirmation of ancient lake on Mars builds excitement for Perseverance rover's samples

If life ever existed on Mars, the Perseverance rover’s verification of lake sediments at the base of the Jezero crater reinforces the hope that traces might be found in the crater. 

Researchers reveal new findings on diamond rain on ice planets

An international team of researchers has gained new insights into the formation of diamond rain on icy planets such as Neptune and Uranus, using the X-ray laser European XFEL in Schenefeld. 

Mars Express finds evidence of large water deposits

ESA's Mars Express has revisited one of Mars's most mysterious features to clarify its composition. Its findings suggest layers of water ice stretching several kilometers below ground—the most water ever found in this part of the planet.