Map of 226 Million Galaxies Across 7 Billion Light Years

The survey, which included 400 individual scientists from 25 institutions in 7 countries, observed over 226 million galaxies. The goal of the survey was to the distribution of dark matter and the effect of dark energy.

Astronomers Discover 139 New Trans-Neptunian Objects

Astronomers have released a catalog of 316 trans-Neptunian objects (TNOs) - minor planets located in the far reaches of the Solar System - detected from the first four years of the Dark Energy Survey.

There's Exciting New Evidence a Real Planet Nine Is Out There

The new clue to Planet Nine's existence was spotted in data from the Dark Energy Survey. The new object we can see and observe is called 2015 BP519, and looks like it could be as big as Pluto itself.

Dark Energy Survey Releases First Three Years of Data

Results from the first data release of the Dark Energy Survey include eleven new stellar streams in the Milky Way galaxy.

Survey reveals most accurate measurement of dark matter in the Universe

Dark Energy Survey scientists unveiled the most accurate measurement ever made of the present large-scale structure of dark matter in the Universe.