'Devil Comet' is approaching Earth. Here's the date you can see it

  • 1 Nov 2023

Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks, known as the Devil Comet for its distinctive "horns," is fast approaching. Here

A comet impact 13,000 years ago might have wiped out megafauna

Researchers note a "synchronicity" of geochemical signals suggesting that fragments of a comet struck Earth approximately 13,000 years ago.

Another Bright Comet Is Heading to Earth

An incoming comet, C/2023 A3 (Tsuchinshan-ATLAS), recently spotted by telescopes in China and South Africa could be as bright as a planet in the night sky next year, according to astronomers who studied the object.

Green comet approaching Earth for first time in 50,000 years

NASA officials said the icy visitor was first spotted in March 2022 while it was inside the orbit of Jupiter. The icy celestial body - called C/2022 E3 (ZTF), is making its closest approach to Earth on 2 February.

Giant comet found in outer solar system by Dark Energy Survey

Comet Bernardinelli-Bernstein is estimated to be about 1000 times more massive than a typical comet, making it arguably the largest comet discovered in modern times. 

New superhighway system discovered in the Solar System

Researchers have discovered a new superhighway network to travel through the Solar System much faster than was previously possible. They could be used to send spacecraft to the far reaches of our planetary system.

The Solar System has a second plane

Almost all the objects orbiting the sun live in a particular plane. But a recent analysis of long-period comets reveals a second plane and it may be populated with comets.

Comet discovered to have its own northern lights

Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko has its own far-ultraviolet aurora, data reveal. It is the first time such electromagnetic emissions in the far-ultraviolet have been documented on an object other than a planet or moon.

Comet's Tail Measures In At Over One Billion Kilometers

At least 7.5 times as long as the distance between the Earth and the Sun (over a billion km), Comet 153P/Ikeya-Zhang’s ion tail is nearly double the length of the previous record-holder, Comet Hyakutake.

Hubble captures dramatic images of comet flying apart

The Hubble Space Telescope has captured two images showing Atlas, originally up to 180 metres across, has broken into as many as 30 pieces, each about the size of a house.

Comets and viruses

Idea of microbes originating from space. Microbes can survive frozen, deep within the permafrost for millions and even billions of years. They might be perfectly adapted for a life on some frozen object, traveling through space.

Borisov is the first identified comet from another star

Comet 2I/Borisov is only the second interstellar object known to have passed through the solar system. This mysterious visitor from the depths of space is the first identified comet to arrive here from another star.

2I/Borisov - The Second Interstellar Visitor Of The Solar System

It is now confirmed that the comet spotted a few weeks ago by amateur astronomer Gennady Borisov from MARGO Observatory, Crimea, is indeed coming from interstellar space. This is only the second known interstellar object to pass through our Solar System.

Extremely rare blue asteroid stumps scientists

An international team studying 3200 Phaethon, a 3.6-mile-long rock believed responsible for the annual Geminid meteor shower, has revealed that the asteroid's surface exhibits a blue color.

Interstellar object ‘Oumuamua is a comet

Last October, researchers spotted a long, skinny object speeding through our solar system. Additional observations have now earned the object a comet label.