Earliest Evidence of Earth's Magnetic Field Found in Greenland

Geoscientists show that rocks from the Isua Supracrustal Belt in West Greenland have experienced three thermal events throughout their geological history.

Tiny Overlooked Creatures May Have Triggered Explosion of Life on Earth

Prehistoric marine worms may have made an outsized contribution to the Great Ordovician Biodiversification Event.

Evidence of Earth's First Rains Found Trapped Within Primordial Crystals

New research finds Earth's surface was first sprinkled with fresh water some 4 billion years ago, a whole 500 million years earlier than previously thought.

Strange Blobs Deep Within Earth May Have Created Plate Tectonics

On the scale of cataclysmic events, the whomping impact of a Mars-sized object that crashed into Earth some 4.5 billion years ago ranks pretty highly: thought to have set in motion the movement of our planet's fractured, rocky crust.

Life Blossomed When Earth's Magnetic Field Nearly Collapsed 590 Million Years Ago

Earth's magnetic field nearly collapsed some 590 million years ago, presumably putting life on the planet's surface at risk of a rise in cosmic radiation.

Ancient Rocks Reveal Earth's Magnetic Field Existed 3.7 Billion Years Ago

Rocks that formed some 3.7 billion years ago in the early Archean have given us the earliest glimpse yet of Earth's magnetic field.

Nanoparticles in Some of The World's Oldest Rocks Found to Hide Clues on Life's Origins

Encased inside some of the oldest rocks on Earth are previously overlooked nanocrystals that tell a story about how life might have emerged.

Study uncovers potential origins of life in ancient hot springs

The research team investigated how the emergence of the first living systems from inert geological materials happened on Earth more than 3.5 billion years ago.

Bizarre Fossils Are Neither Plant Nor Animal, But a 'Weird Fusion' of Life

It is neither animal, vegetable, nor mineral. It's not even a bacterium or fungi. It's called a Euglenid – and it's a weird fusion of a bunch of different living things.

Scientists discover alien planet debris buried deep under Earth's crust

Long ago, an alien planet crashed into Earth – causing a collision so big the debris formed the Moon and left mysterious remnants lodged deep in the Earth’s mantle.

Observing Fibonacci spirals in a 400 million-year-old fossil

Scientists now find that the earliest leafy plants did not have Fibonacci spirals, contradicting our initial assumptions on plant evolution.

Scientists discover the origin of water in our solar system

New findings suggest the water originates from the space between solar systems, billions of years before the birth of our sun.

Discovery of world's oldest DNA breaks record by one million years

Microscopic fragments of environmental DNA were found in Ice Age sediment in northern Greenland. Researchers discovered the fragments that are one million years older than the previous record for DNA.

4-Billion-Year-Old Ancient Piece of Earth's Crust Discovered

Australian researchers have discovered evidence of an approximately four billion-year-old piece of the Earth’s crust that exists beneath the South-West of Western Australia

Potentially Alive 830-Million-Year-Old Organisms Found in Ancient Rock

An incredible discovery has just revealed a potential new source for understanding life on ancient Earth.